Around Town – 01-20-16

I was out and about in downtown Albion, today… are some photos of downtown after this week’s snow:


Corner of Main and East Bank Streets


Another shot of the corner of Main and East Bank Streets


Pratt Building – Main Street


Beaver Alley off Main Street


Historic Marker in Waterman Park on Main Street

DSC_0007 (3)

Waterman Park – Main Street


Looking south along Main Street toward the Presbyterian Church


Looking north up Main Street


I love this wall… idea why, exactly….just love the look of it with the trees!

It isn’t the first time I’ve photographed this wall in different seasons!


Looking north toward the canal bridge from the corner of Main and West Bank Streets


The old Depot on Academy Street


Train tracks looking east from Platt Street

I may not be a big fan of winter, but it sure does give some great photo opportunities!!!

8 Comments on “Around Town – 01-20-16

  1. I love that wall also. It is all the texture and different colors. And did you notice that the trees in front of the bank make a beautiful compliment to the photos? We NEED trees on the street. They say that towns with nice trees lining the streets have way more business.

    • Thanks for visiting, Kim!!! That whole section always looks so inviting – the trees and look of the Albion Agencies house and the historic home the First Niagara Bank is in…..just a really lovely section of the street that always looks like “home”!!! 🙂

  2. Kim You really have a good eye for photography and I also enjoy reading your comments. I feel like I am sitting drinking coffee and conversing with a good friend. Keep up the good work!

  3. Not everyone would agree with me but Albion NY is a pretty village and I just love it here ! Please keep the pictures coming !

    • I absolutely agree with you! I love Albion and love showing it off!!! Thanks for visiting my blog – come back often! 🙂

  4. Hey Kim, thanks for sharing all these beautiful photos of my old home town. Makes me homesick. Been gone from Albion for over 50 years but these photos make it feel like yesterday ! So many fond memories ! Keep the photos coming !!

    • Hi, Paul! Thank you for visiting and following my blog! I hope you will enjoy my posts! Have you discovered the AHS Alumni Foundation Blog? I also write for that and you may find some good information there, as well,,,,,,if you haven’t already! The address is – check it out!

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