Window Art on Main Street

Over the past several months, Adam Johnson has been working to fix up his buildings at 39-43 N. Main Street in Albion. He is renovating the interiors, painting the exteriors, and working towards a goal of bringing a new restaurant to downtown Albion. Many have been curiously watching the transformation of the buildings and it has been quite a positive change for our downtown.

But……last week, Adam made a change that is really amazing!!! Like many of the older buildings, the windows in the upper floors have been boarded up. Well, they are STILL boarded up……but beautifully so!!! Adam took 16 eight and a half foot tall boards that fit the windows to high schools schools in Orleans County and asked if their art students would paint them to be displayed on his building. Students from four schools took him up on the offer – Albion, Kendall, Lyndonville, and Holley. And….the result is nothing short of incredible!!!

All 16 were painted by the students – except one, which was painted by a former employee of Adam’s – and they were installed last week. I first saw photos of it on Facebook, then had to go by to see myself, then read about it on the Hub, and (of course) had to go get my own photos of it to share here!!! Some of the photos depict historic sites and events from Albion, some look like you’re looking into a window at the lives of those who may have lived there, and some are just plain artistic and fun! But, ALL are stunning!!! What a great idea and it turned out so beautifully……I’m amazed and hope that it catches the eye of all who pass through our town and causes them to stop to look and stay to shop!!! 🙂

Here are the wonderful windows:


The upper floors of 39-42 N. Main Street, Albion – 16 gorgeous windows

The third floor windows were done by students from Lyndonville, Kendall, and Holley schools, as well as a former employee of Adam’s:


Beginning in the upper left window – painted by a Lyndonville HS student


Next is by another Lyndonville HS student


And then the third from a student Lyndonville HS


This one is painted by a Kendall HS student


And, this one, as well, is a Kendall HS student creation


Adam’s daughter, Corinne, is a junior at Holley HS school and painted this board


This painting is also from Corinne Johnson of Holley HS


This is the only board not painted by a HS student. This one was painted by Jasmine Almeter of Holley – a former employee of Adam’s. I like that it depicts two young girls looking out the window, watching the cars and people go by along Main St.

The second floor windows were all done by Albion HS students and depict some of Albion’s historic sites and events: 


On the far left, we have a representation of our beloved Charles W. Howard Santa Claus School


This window represents our annual Strawberry Festival


Here we have Albion’s own Grace Bedell, who famously wrote a letter to Abraham Lincoln advising him to grow a beard for his first Presidential race. He took her advice and it resulted in the Lincoln-look the world came to know and love!


The center two windows show a view of downtown Main Street from the canal bridge


Here, we have a painting commemorating Albion’s historic Pratt Opera House


We can’t have a representation of historic Albion without showing the Erie Canal


And, finally, this painting depicts Mount Albion Cemetery and the Soldiers and Sailors Monument

Do yourself a favor – go by and see these in person – the photos don’t do them justice at all! While your viewing these beautiful paintings, wander around downtown and do some shopping at some of our lovely and quaint local shops.

Thank you to Adam for coming up with this idea and making it happen! And a huge BRAVO to the artists who created these wonderful treasures!!! They are an amazing addition to our downtown….I hope they garner the interest they deserve and offer a beautiful focal point for a very long time!!!

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