As seen on the way to Letchworth

Today was our monthly Ladies Lunch and, like every September, we made the trip to Letchworth State Park to eat our lunch at the Glen Iris Inn. I left way early so that I could stop to snap photos of things that caught my eye along the way. Good thing I left when I did cause with the quick photo stops, I made it just barely 15 minutes early for the lunch! WHEW!

So……here is what I saw that caused me to stop along the way and a few of my favorites from the ones I took at Letchworth:



Saw this on Main St in Albion…..poor thing was left just barely 500 feet or so from the canal……so close, and yet, so far!!!


Absolutely LOVE this sculpture of a family in someone’s side yard!


OK, all you coffee fans……here’s a tall one for ya!!!!


This person obviously does wood carvings – there are lots on the porch, but I love the hand…..and they are in process of carving one with the peace sign, too!


An old rusty buggy of some kind……looked cool!



ME!!! A selfie at Inspiration Point!


Lunch – Waldorf Chicken Salad Croissant Sandwich…..loaded with chicken, grapes, walnuts, and red onions! Oh, it was soooooooo good!!!


Our waiter doing his magic with my flaming dessert!


Dessert – Berry Hill – blueberries and strawberries sauteed in butter, then flambeed in Triple Sec, then he added some brown sugar and served it on top of two scoops of vanilla ice cream……OMG – I died and went to Heaven!!!


Middle Falls – the most spectacular of the three waterfalls – located across from the Glen Iris Inn


View from Inspiration Point with the Middle Falls and the trestle……and I even was able to capture a train going across the trestle!!!


View from Inspiration Point…..without my face in it!


Wolf Creek waterfalls


The drive through Letchworth is so beautiful and peaceful!


The roadway snaking through the 18 or so miles of the park!


Beautiful break wall along the roadway!

That’s all for today…….I’ll leave you with another selfie I took in my car at the Glen Iris:


3 Comments on “As seen on the way to Letchworth

  1. Nice day. Captured the beauty going down and while you were there. You have a gift. Keep using it.

  2. Hi Kim, Aren’t we so very LUCKY to live close to fabulous Letchworth State Park! Just tonight I was on the phone with my sister, making a date for our annual lunch at the Glen Iris. That sandwich you had is already calling to me 🙂 And my stops in the park always include Wolf Creek too. I enjoyed sharing your day. Thanks, Janette

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