Early One Foggy Friday Morning

I love the fog – it is so pretty! When I woke up this morning, I realized it was going to be a nice foggy morning, so I leaped out of bed, threw on some clothes, and headed out to try to get some photos before the fog lifted and burned off! I think I got some good ones……it was definitely worth upsetting my morning routine to get them!

I got a couple good shots right on my own street. Then, my first stop was the canal – it is close and I knew it would look cool in the fog! Then, I headed out to Mount Albion Cemetery to see if I could catch some foggy scenes among the grave stones. I got a few more cool shots in Eagle Harbor on my way out to Waterport to see if the fog was still hanging out at Lake Alice – it was pretty much gone by then, so I came back home!

Here is what I was able to capture:

The intricate work of a busy spider through the night (one of my hanging plants):



At the end of my street:


On the canal:


From the Main Street Bridge looking towards the Ingersoll Street Bridge


Ingersoll Street Lift Bridge


Web on the Main Street Lift Bridge


Ran into my friend, John Borello, as he was starting out on his daily job as a canal walker


Main Street Lift Bridge with the sun peeking out over the trees


Looking towards the Gaines Basin Rd bridge


The gates along Eagle Harbor – Albion Rd

Presbyterian Church steeple from the Main Street Lift Bridge:


 At Mount Albion Cemetery:


Sun and fog through the trees at the tower


Can’t go wrong with photos from up high at the tower


Entrance to the Soldiers and Sailors Monument (Tower) with a little remaining fog in the distance


I love when the sun rays make their way through the trees!

On Eagle Harbor Road:


Looking south toward the dip in the road


Just after I pulled back onto the road from the “dip” shot, I found this field full of geese in the fog!!!


Field of geese along Eagle Harbor Road


More geese playing in the field


Can’t really see the geese that well in this shot, but I still like it – the sun was so bright through the fog!

So, how did you spend your morning……I sure enjoyed mine!!! Have a GREAT day!

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