Saturday Snow Shots

I thought I’d take a quiet drive through Mount Albion Cemetery this afternoon to see the snow covered monuments. It is always so peaceful and beautiful there – no matter what the season. I even saw one lone walker there, today, even though it was barely 30 degrees, a little dark and dreary, and the roads through the cemetery were a little slick in places – that is a dedicated walker, for sure.

January has been a crappy month for me — I’ve been ill most of the month – in and out of the ER and hospital for procedures – but, hopefully, that is all past me now after last night’s procedure – fingers crossed! So, time spent with family this morning and a leisurely drive to snap some photos was just what I needed!!!






And, then……on the way back from the cemetery, I noticed how lonely the Tastee Freeze looked all closed up with the parking lot coated in snow! I think they should stay open all year round….just cause it is cold outside doesn’t mean people don’t want ice cream! I can honestly say that a nice dish of soft serve frozen custard would feel pretty good on my throat that was left pretty raw from airway tubes during anesthesia yesterday! But…..I understand the economics of running a seasonal business – not very profitable to keep open when the majority of people would typically drive right by during the “off” season!


Have a wonderful day……stay warm!!!


One Comment on “Saturday Snow Shots

  1. First off sorry to hear that you have been “under the weather.” Stay away from the hospital that’s where they have sick folks. Mount Albion is great any time of the year. Meet me at the Tastee Freeze this summer, it will be my treat. Tom The Backroads Traveller

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