Corning and Hammondsport Adventure

Check it off my bucket list…..I made it to the Corning Museum of Glass! This has been on my “places to go and things to do” list since I moved back home – three years – and I have finally completed it and can chalk it up to another great adventure in the memory books!

Synopsis of the adventure:

We left Monday (09/29) morning with plans of a leisurely drive taking the scenic route and stopping at points of interest along the way – the end goal of the day was to get to Hammondsport by dinner time. We decided to go through Piffard and stop at the Abbey where they make Monk’s Bread to see the chapel and grounds. I have never been there before, so I was really looking forward to it. But – we were disappointed to find that they were under construction and all we could do was browse through the bread store. I’ll have to plan to go back, someday, because it really did look like it was really beautiful there. We proceeded to drive through the country side looking at the scenery and made our way to Naples – the plan was to stop there for lunch and we were told that they are famous for their grape pie! Well, disappointment # 2 – a couple locals told us where the best grape pie was and that we “couldn’t miss it”……we missed it……twice! After driving back and forth up the main drag, we decided to give up and just head on the Hammondsport to get checked in and have our lunch there!

Hammondsport is a sleepy little town situated right on the tip of Keuka Lake in the Finger Lakes region of NY state. It is beautiful there! We had an OK lunch – nice, but probably wouldn’t recommend it to anyone – and then walked around the historic downtown area and stopped in at an ice cream parlor for dessert. After a long drive along the lake looking at the scenery, we got settled in to our motel – Keuka Lakeside Inn – a very nice little 1960s style motel that has been modernized and renovated (the owner has done a really nice job on the place) with lake views. Our room faced the lake and there were chairs and a gazebo on the property to sit and enjoy the lake – very nice! We sat out by the lake and talked for quite a while, went in and took a nap, and then went out for dinner.

The next day was spent in Corning – mostly at the Corning Museum of Glass. What an amazing place that is!!! Beautiful glass of every kind and from every era and every country around the world! They also had an incredible exhibit of Lalique pieces that was breathtaking and totally emotional to see. We watched a glass blower do his magic to make a pretty ruffled bowl, learned a lot about the history of glass making, saw some gorgeous works of art (and some really strange works of art), and we even did the “make your own glass” session – I made a set of wind chimes and my friend made a clock – that was a lot of fun and I love the finished product! After leaving the museum, we wandered around the historic Market Street area of Corning — what a quaint place that is — and we had dinner at the nicest Italian restaurant and had the BEST pasta EVER!!!

We spent our last night back at the motel in Hammondsport, stopped back in the Corning Museum of Glass to pick up the glass pieces we made and look around a little more, and then headed back home. On our way back home, we drove through Letchworth State Park, stopped to shop at The Giggling Pig (an Amish furniture store and gift shop) in Caledonia, and had dinner in Leroy. It was a GREAT trip!!!

Photos from the adventure:

From Hammondsport, NY at the tip of Keuka Lake


First photo I took — we got out of the car in downtown Hammondsport and this took our breath away!!!


This little church had a prominent spot in downtown Hammondsport — so pretty and inviting!


We had lunch at the Village Tavern Restaurant and Inn — the historic downtown area is so quaint!


This was a little park literally in the center of the historic downtown area – everything circled around the park!


I found an ice cream parlor……


……and had a delicious chocolate soda – all chocolate!!! YUMMO!!!


The gazebo and chairs at our motel… was a lovely evening to sit outside and enjoy the lake!


Beautiful Keuka Lake


Docks at our motel – so peaceful and relaxing


More of the view from the lake side seating at our motel


And, one more…….the autumn colors really made our view so beautiful


Dinner was at the Luna Mezza Grille — VERY good and a lovely restaurant!!!


I had the pork medallions with a zucchini/tomato medley and seasoned steak fries! DELICIOUS!!!

From the Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, NY


Loved this old truck right at the entrance near the store


Loved it so much I had to have my photo taken with it……but, I really should burn it – it is HORRIBLE

(even though it shows off my new purple hat with the glass crystal embellishments on it)


There was glass of every kind on display — like this quirky chandelier……


……and this bowl with a delicate and intricate city skyline carved in the upper rim……


……and this beautiful gown on a lady’s torso….


…..and this crystal light….


…..and a room FULL of bottles and dishes!


There were several stained glass windows and lighting pieces made by Tiffany – this one was huge and gorgeous!


This one really touched me – I turned the corner, saw it, and instantly started to cry!

It is called “The Righteous Shall Receive a Crown of Glory” – based on the bible verse Peter 5:4

It was made for the United Methodist Church of Waterville, NY about 1901


I’d like this window in my house……along with the matching lamp in the display to the right


Here I am sitting in a display at the opening of the room that housed the Lalique exhibit


A few of the many delicate and incredibly beautiful pieces designed by Lalique


One more from the Lalique exhibit

Windchimes_made my own glass

And, this is MY work of art……the wind chimes I made in the “Make Your Own Glass” session!!!


There were several demonstration stops – like this one where they blew a beautiful ruffled bowl and explained the glass blowing process


And interactive displays, like this one where the glass reflects you upside down (that’s me and my friend at the top of the glass) and then, you flip right side up as you walk towards it!

From the historic Market Street area of Corning, NY


I loved this little park – if it wasn’t about to dump a thunderstorm on us, I could have sat here for hours


The historic buildings were just gorgeous


More of the park — this marks the center of Market Street – just loved it there!


What an incredible framework for a bank’s drive thru lanes!!!


The best restaurant and meal of the trip!!! Sorge’s Italian Restaurant on Market Street in Corning!

Beautifully decorated, great service, and the BEST homemade pasta EVER!!! They make it fresh every day!


Now, doesn’t this make your mouth water? It was absolutely AMAZING!!! (if I lived closer, I’d eat there every day)

From Letchworth State Park


The middle falls at the Glen Iris Inn


The gorge with the Genesee River below


I always find it sad that signs like this are necessary – you’d think common sense would prevail, but……


More of the gorge from a different spot along the 19 or so mile drive through Letchworth


Me next to a HUGE chair at the dam


The Mt. Morris Dam


Downstream of the dam

Miscellaneous photos from the rest of the drive home


The Gigglin’ Pig – an Amish furniture store and gift shop we stopped at in Caledonia, NY


Final meal of the trip – steak, mashed potatoes, and carrots at the Depot Restaurant in Leroy, NY

So, that’s it for this adventure……next planned adventure – I’m going to Lancaster, PA with a group from church later this fall! Can’t wait!

2 Comments on “Corning and Hammondsport Adventure

  1. WOW what an adventure! GREAT shots of great fall days with great fall foliage. And folks say that there isn’t much to be in this neck of the woods. Kim you and I know better! I hope you have an adventurous week. Tom The Backroads Traveller

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