Signs of Autumn – 2014

It isn’t officially…..per the calendar…..autumn, yet! The first official day of autumn starts next week – September 22nd – but, it sure is starting to look and feel like autumn around here! Temperatures have been cooler, leaves are starting to turn, crops are changing from the summer fruits and veggies to the fall produce, and fields are showing signs of coming to the end of the late summer season. So, today I took a drive around to see what photos I could get to show the signs of autumn creeping up on us. Here is what I found…..


Apple orchards loaded with fruit


Fields full of cabbage nearingĀ time for harvest


Corn stalks starting to brown


Some more than others


Mums in every color imaginable at Kirby’s


And pumpkins galore at Rush’s….their pumpkin fields in the background


Just a week or two ago, this stand at Rush’s was loaded with cantaloupe….

Now, fall squash varieties have replaced the juicy melons of summer


Rush’s sign says it all…..


Couldn’t pass up this gorgeous tree ablaze with fall colors in front of the Hospice residence


And, my favorite sight – a basket of Gala apples from Kirby’s on my dining room table!

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