Sweet Escapes, Fresh Produce, and a Little Rain!

I headed out today with two specific goals in mind……get some corn for dinner and pick up my free cupcakes! I accomplished that and more……here are some of the sights I saw along the way:

First up……I went to Partyka’s farm market in Kendall to get some corn……I left a little less than an hour later with bags full of corn and tomatoes and potatoes and watermelon and a belly full from a hamburger and French fries from their grill……nope, I didn’t get an ice cream, but I did think about it – hehehe!!!!






Then, I headed back to Albion to pick up my free cupcakes! I answered a contest question on Facebook a couple weeks ago and won a dozen chocolate cupcakes from a new vendor who will be selling her bakery items in The Hazy Jade Gift Shop on Main Street! Her “Meet ‘n Greet” event was today – she was giving out free samples and meeting her new customers – and she had my chocolate cupcakes there for me to pick up! The bakery is called “S~N~L Sweet Escapes” and her cupcakes are DELICIOUS!!! The samples were chocolate mini cupcakes and strawberry champagne mini cupcakes — I didn’t try the chocolate cause I had a whole dozen of the full sized ones (so, I was nice and left the minis for other people to try), but I tried…..and thoroughly enjoyed……the strawberry champagne ones!!! YUMMY!!!!


(L-R): Lisa Stratton, owner of The Hazy Jade, and Sarah Brigham, owner of S~N~L Sweet Escapes



I took half of the cupcakes out to my Mom (who shared some of hers with my brother) and drove through Eagle Harbor on the way. Every time I drive through Eagle Harbor, I enjoy looking at the HUGE, beautiful willow tree right by the old store along the canal bank. I often say to myself that I should stop and take a photo or two of that gorgeous tree, but never do! So, today when I thought about it, I turned around and went back to do it!!! It was raining…….there was no rain in the forecast that I knew of, but a thunder boomer popped up and at the time I stopped for the photos, it was still raining lightly……but I think the drizzle and the fog and the wet surfaces gave the photos a little something-something that made them look cool! You can see the canal, the Eagle Harbor lift bridge, and the old store in the background beyond the tree! That old store was once a popular, hoppin’ place! It had groceries, a news stand, and a post office in it! We used to walk there for penny candy and comic books when I was a kid…..sadly, it has since closed down and I believe there are apartments in it, now!





So, that was my day…….I came home, took a little nap, and fixed supper…….fresh corn and tomatoes from Partyka’s, a fresh cucumber I had from Rush’s, and a chocolate cupcake from S~N~L Sweet Escapes:


I’ll leave you with a photo from yesterday…….in the spring, I planted about 8 or so sets of four seeds to grow dwarf sunflowers (they grow to about 15-18″). It didn’t look like any were going to come up, but after a LONG wait, I ended up with two of the roughly 32 or so seeds that grew and bloomed! If this photo doesn’t put a smile on your face to complete your day, nothing will!!!


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