Sunday Stills – In Your Hand

This week’s Sunday Stills Challenge is called “In Your Hand“. The direction for the challenge was to take a photo of something that fits in the palm of your hand and the photo must include… guessed it – your hand!!! Oh, and no archived photos (not that I think I’ve ever taken a photo of something sitting in the palm of my hand, anyway….hehehe).

I looked around my desk for something interesting to photograph and immediately noticed this adorable mini dream catcher key chain that a good friend sent to me in her Christmas card – I just received it yesterday and LOVE IT – I have always loved dream catchers!!! I thought about what background I would use to give the photo some added interest and decided that using Ed’s post for the challenge might be a cute idea……since he, too, took his photo in front of his computer screen…, here it is:


4 Comments on “Sunday Stills – In Your Hand

  1. LOVE IT! Very creative and a kind of a time paradox seeing my blog post on your computer..:-))

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