It is funny how some things trigger a memory that warms your heart. Today, a simple conversation caused me to remember something I used to enjoy eating, but haven’t thought about in quite some time. I was visiting with my niece and her children – my great nephew and great niece. Nolen, age 3, was telling me what he learned at the library earlier in the morning. He was in a story group that was reading about bees and told me that bees made honey! We talked a little about how we both like honey and that he likes it on bread and muffins! I mentioned that I like toasted pumpernickel bread with butter and honey on it!

I thought about this the rest of the day and ended up popping in to the grocery store to pick up a small loaf of fresh pumpernickel from their bakery and a bottle of honey! I couldn’t wait until breakfast to have some……I toasted two slices to have as a snack while watching TV after choir practice this evening!

Thinking of pumpernickel bread and honey was not only a reminder of a favorite treat that I haven’t had in a long time, it also brought up two distinct memories I share with a dear friend from my high school years – both gave me the warm-fuzzies and put a big smile on my face! The memories stuck with me through the day, today!

  • First up — the very first time I remember eating pumpernickel bread was the first time I went to my friend, Sharon Nowicki’s house for lunch. Her Mom served ham slices rolled up in little logs, pumpernickel bread (there was probably another choice, but I only remember the pumpernickel), condiments, and probably either salad or chips – not sure – just remember those sandwiches made with ham logs, pumpernickel bread and condiments in little dishes! I thought it was so fancy and I developed a taste for something new!
  • The second memory was the very first time I put honey on pumpernickel toast! Sharon and I went to New York City in 1979. We had a FABULOUS time in the big city – feeling and acting quite full of ourselves! 🙂 We took the train from Rochester to Grand Central Station and spent several days seeing the sites. One of our adventures was going to Central Park. We took a horse and buggy ride to Tavern On The Green – a very elegant restaurant in the middle of Central Park (I don’t believe it is there, anymore) – for brunch. It was a beautiful place with huge crystal chandeliers, floor to ceiling windows overlooking the park, and extremely handsome waiters! We had omelets and Champaign and a bread/pastry tray, which included (among many other things) pumpernickel toast with honey as just one of the possible spread selections. I don’t remember what triggered me to put honey on the pumpernickel toast, but I did and the rest was history!!!   (to read more about our trip, click here for a blog post I wrote about it)

Aahh – memories are the joys of a life well lived……I am blessed with many wonderful memories!!!

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