Yes, I’m Positive…

I try to keep a positive perspective in my life……yeah, I’m not always successful. It isn’t easy. It is hard. With all the bad news on TV, family and friends who are going through rough times, the economy, and on and on, sometimes you really have to consciously work at finding the good side of situations…..the light, rather than the dark…….the sun peeking through the clouds…….the pretty amidst the ugly…….the “yes we can” in the sea of “no we can’t” attitudes. Negativity is contagious and it is everywhere! I used to think positivity was contagious, too, but I’m not so sure anymore. Sure, that sounds pretty negative coming from a person who started this writing with the statement “I try to keep a positive perspective in my life”. but I can’t help it sometimes – I find myself falling off the “happiness” wagon and bruising my butt on the hard surface of negativity. It seems like the negative thinking in the world is taking over and consuming all the positive thinking. I think it is sometimes easier to convince a positive person to see the negative side than to convince a negative person to see the positive side. It is sad!

But, aside from the occasional back slide, I will not be defeated. I will remain a generally happy person. I will continue to be a warrior for the positive. I won’t default to the negative and you can’t make me!  🙂

OK…..this post just isn’t working for me! I started it early in the week and keep going back to it to try to get my point across, but I’m just not feeling it. It has been in draft for about 5 days, now and I’ve only written two paragraphs. I opened it up again this morning and thought about just deleting it and finding something easier to write about. What started out to be a testament to the benefits of being positive has succeeded in forcing me to focus on the negative – how does that happen???!!! But, I have decided to just finish it and post it! So, I’m going to do just that – because the first two paragraphs make a very bold statement:  if you don’t seek out the positive, the negative will seek out you!

Despite what I’ve written, so far, in this post, being happy, finding something to smile about, and staying positive really does come easy for me MOST of the time! When it becomes a challenge, I work to get past it and not let it get me down. Of course, there are personal tragedies in life when you have to allow yourself to grieve, which includes periods of depression – you need to recognize those times and not force happiness on them, causing them to fester. But, aside from those types of situations, it really is a lot more healthy to look for ways to deal with just about every situation more positively rather than focusing on the negative.

So, yes — after thinking about this post for days, now, I can honestly say I am positive! Of course, I’ve always known that. I wake up to three dogs so excited to see me open my eyes every morning that they about smother me with kisses and rolling all over me and fighting over who gets to say good morning first – how can any day start out bad with all that going on? I dance around the house with the dogs singing Broadway show tunes and change the words to the tunes to suit the activity or to get the girls more excited. It doesn’t take much to make me smile or laugh – you can put me in a “OMG, I’m gonna pee my pants” laughing jag with little or no effort at all. I end each day thinking about all the things that made me smile – yes, some nights the list is long, some nights it is short, and some nights I really have to think to find something, but I always do find something – no matter how big or small – that made me smile and feel happy. I’m a big fan of pros and cons lists – if the cons outnumber the pros, I don’t go down that path, unless at least one pro is so big it carries more weight than the long list of cons. If I’m in a situation that is bringing me down, I find a way to change it and make it better – I don’t just accept it and allow it to overwhelm me. Again, not always easy — and sometimes you have to accept it to get past it and hope that something good comes of it……and it usually does, eventually! I rarely regret anything I do or decisions I make – right, wrong, or indifferent, they got me to where I am and I learned from them in one way or another.

Some of my favorite quotes on this subject are:

“Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.”  ~ James Dean

“Choose your attitude.”  ~ Fish Philosophy

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.”  ~ Maya Angelou

“This very moment is a seed from which the flowers of tomorrow’s happiness grow.”  ~ Margaret Lindsay

“Happiness is in the heart, not in the situation.”  ~ Unknown

maya angelou

And now, I’ll leave you with these humorous looks at finding a way to smile and be positive about almost any situation:

when im sad

pee on it

oh wells

life is better


2 Comments on “Yes, I’m Positive…

  1. I enjoyed reading this article. It is content that I have in my mind currently these days. What I very much liked and found to be so reassuring in a positive way is that you have described the ‘process’ of finding and affirming that a positive outlook can be and usually is a conscious effort and practice. I would like if you will, re publish the first part of this (by you) onto my website and of course credit and Link to you.
    G.Thomas Stewart

    • yes, you may reprint parts of this post and link. I am glad that you found it worth reading.

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