Wonder Where The Wonder Bread Went


I love Wonder Bread! It is my very favorite brand of bread. The regular kind, the king sandwich loaf kind, the white wheat kind, the hotdog and hamburger buns. If it is Wonder Bread, I like it! I think it is the freshest tasting and softest of all the breads on the market. When I was a kid (and, yes, even as an adult….sometimes….OK a lot of times), I used to love to pinch it together between my fingers and roll it around to make dough balls out of it – it was so moist and fresh that it would get all doughy and…..hhmm – can’t really find the words to describe it. I love the way it sticks to the roof of my mouth when I eat a sandwich made with it. I love the smell of it. I love the way it toasts up. I just plain LOVE it!!! I grew up with the commercials that promised that Wonder Bread “builds strong bodies 12 ways” – it was not only good, it was good for you, too!


So, I was not happy when I started finding there was none on the shelves at the grocery store. At first, I thought it was just sold out. I wondered why they didn’t order more, since week after week they were running out. Then, it hit me. The light turned on. Wonder Bread is made by Hostess and Hostess has filed bankruptcy. Not sure why it took me so long to make the connection – sometimes I’m a little slow on the uptake! I heard all the news reports and all the jokes about how it won’t matter if they stop making Twinkies, Ding Dongs, and Ho-Ho’s because they never go stale and there is likely at least 50 years worth of stock in the warehouses. I guess I just didn’t make the connection because the reports and jokes all focused on Twinkies – which I really didn’t care about. I guess I just didn’t think about it impacting my ability to purchase Wonder Bread. I guess it may also be because I see some of the snack treats still on shelves that it just didn’t dawn on me that Wonder Bread would disappear quicker because it is fresher and won’t last as long as fruit cake, like Twinkies and Ding Dongs do. Who knows why I was shocked to find it not on the shelves and why it took me so long to stop looking for it! All I know is that it is gone! And that the other brands I’ve tried are FAR from fair comparisons – when I want white bread, I want Wonder Bread – not the dryer versions I’ve found. Oh, I like other kinds of breads – Italian bread, potato bread, whole grain breads, etc. But, for most sandwiches and toast, I usually want good old white bread. And, now my Wonder Bread is no more and I am not a happy camper about it!

I heard a week or so ago that the company that makes Nature’s Own bread brands is buying the Wonder Bread brand from the Hostess company. That is encouraging – I like some of the Nature’s Own breads. But, will they make it exactly like Hostess did? Will they continue to call it Wonder Bread so I can easily know that is what it is? Or will they mess with the recipe or call it something else? Will I ever have the Wonder Bread I love so much and have so many fond memories of from my childhood?

These are the things I wonder about…….I wonder where the Wonder Bread went and if it will ever be back. I also wonder why any self-respecting company would call their white bread “Bimbo” – just doesn’t bring the same mental picture as “Wonder Bread – builds strong bodies 12 ways”, does it? I guess I’ll go put my groceries away and try to find something else to wonder about.

One Comment on “Wonder Where The Wonder Bread Went

  1. Where is it. Is it coming back. Took me longer than you to figure it out, also. I need my wonderbread back. How can I make a good PB&J without it?

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