What do you see?

Who doesn’t like to look for cool shapes in the clouds?  I, for one, love to watch the clouds.  On gorgeous days, when the clouds are either so bright white and fluffy or wispy strokes across a brilliant blue sky, I can find myself entranced and watching the clouds for what seems like hours.  I even enjoy a window seat in an airplane so that I can look out at the clouds to pass time when I travel – they look like snowy mountains and, from the perspective you get from looking down at them, you can usually see some really cool shapes.

I have extra special fond memories of when I was a little girl – 5th / 6th grade or so – and my best friend, Cathy, and I would lay in the yard on a blanket with my portable record player.  We’d play our 45s and listen to Sugar, Sugar…..Crystal Blue Persuasion……Put A Little Love In Your Heart…….and other songs of the day by The Monkees, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, etc……and lay there on our backs looking up at the clouds and sharing what we saw.  Quite often, we’d look at the same cloud and see totally different things, so we’d try to get the other to see what we saw!   We’d lay there for hours on end just laughing and talking and singing and watching the clouds.

Yes, I have a lot of years of experience in cloud watching and have seen many, many different things in the clouds……..my over active imagination can really run wild when cloud gazing!  Typically, the shapes I see are made from the fluffy outlines of the clouds – you know, an over exaggerated profile of a funny looking face or a plush teddy bear or a lofty castle or other similar things.  But, this morning, I saw something I’ve never, ever seen before!  I have seen photos that other people have shared of very distinctive “cut outs” in the clouds, but always thought they were probably photo-shopped!  I really don’t remember ever seeing anything that specific myself…….until this morning!  And, I would have missed it, if I didn’t look at just the right moment and was lucky enough to have my camera right there within reach and thought fast enough to use it and didn’t get up to go outside for a better shot!

Here is how it all happened:   I was sitting at my desk in the den, like I do every morning, reading the local newspapers and catching up on Facebook and my Words With Friends boards.  My desk faces the front window that looks out over my front porch.  I was reading and glancing out at the neighborhood, like always.  I noticed the sky across the street was full of grayish clouds and wondered if it would rain again today or not and then went back to the article I was reading.  A few seconds later, I looked out at the sky, again, and there it was………a break in the clouds that was a perfectly shaped sky blue heart!  It stood out like a sore thumb against the darker clouds and I was mesmerized by it!  Luckily, I keep my camera in the center drawer in my desk and I thought quick enough to grab it and snap the photo.  It only lasted a few seconds – by the time I snapped the picture, it was already starting to lose some of its shape.  I thought of going outside onto the porch for a better shot, but I could tell by the rate it was breaking apart that I got the best shot I was going to get.  And then, it was gone…….no trace of it ever existing!  Like it formed just long enough for me to see it…….like it was just for me at that short moment and then it was gone!  But……I captured it forever in this amazing photo – not quite at its most perfect form, but before it disappeared:

So, I sat for a while wondering what it might have meant………was it a sign of something good coming my way……….was it a confirmation that the good news I got yesterday is going to go as planned……..or was it just a freak occurence that I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to be able to experience it?  Who knows!  I’m just so very glad I saw it and captured it!  Maybe I’ll go buy a lottery ticket – it sure is my lucky day!

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