So much to be thankful for…..

Just look around you……it isn’t difficult to find those things that you can count among the many blessings you have in your life – those things that you bow your head and give thanks for – those things that give meaning to your life and make every day so very special.  Yes, even those who feel that they are at the lowest part of their life and feel they have nothing to be thankful for – even when life feels like it is totally against you – just take a deliberate look at yourself, your life, and those around you.  You will find something that you can be thankful for – I guarantee it!  And there is always someone less fortunate than yourself – no matter what your circumstances – that you could reach out to and help give them a little something to be thankful for, even if only to do something that makes them smile for just a little while.  After all, that is what gives life meaning – what you do for others and, then, what they give you back in return is the icing on the cake!

As for me, I don’t have to look far at all.  I never have.  I can find the things that I am thankful for without even giving it any thought.  I am very blessed to have family that I love dearly and friends I treasure.  This year, in particular, I am overwhelmed by my many blessings.  Life has taken such an abrupt turn for me and I am still in a disorganized tizzy over it.  But, it has brought me back home.  I am among family and old friends and familiar surroundings.  Even the unfamiliar parts – new home, retirement, etc – are comfortable.  Just the fact that I can spend the holidays with my family without having to get on a plane and travel to do it is an amazing blessing!  My Mom is driving just a few short miles to come to my house for dinner today and I’ll drive just a few blocks to have dinner with the rest of my family at my brother’s on Saturday.  How cool is that?

So, I got up this morning and put a pot roast in the crock pot.  Yes, you read that right – we’re having pot roast for Thanksgiving!  Sounds funny, doesn’t it?  I thought so, too.  But, it makes perfect sense for us, this year.  As families grow and the little ones become adults and have families of their own, it becomes more difficult to juggle the holidays with old family traditions, new traditions, the desire to have the feast at your own house while still finding comfort in going to the parents house, and then there are in-laws and their traditions!  So, to keep from having to eat multiple feasts all on Thanksgiving, we decided to have our holiday meal when we can all get together in a more relaxed setting.  We’re doing our Thanksgiving feast on Saturday.  Which brings me back to the pot roast!  I was thinking of doing a small turkey roll or breast just for Mom and me, today.  But, Mom really didn’t want to spoil the anticipation of that big turkey day dinner by having a “sneak peek”, so to speak, today.  So, pot roast it is!

Yes, I have so much to be thankful for……, friends, the joy my dogs bring to me, a new home, a new chapter in my life, and so very much more!  Regardless of what you have to eat today, do what my Grandmother used to do – look around the table and say, “I wonder what the poor people are doing today?”  Enjoy the richness that each and every person in your life brings to you.  Look for what makes you bow your head in thanks.  But, if you truly can’t find something to be thankful for, do something kind for someone else and then be thankful for the smile and gratitude they will give to you in return.  Find joy in the little things in life, for they will give you the most to be thankful for!

I’ll leave you with a song by Jen Chapin that I find very calming and that reminds me that it is the joy that we need to find in our lives and when we find it, we need to let it show!!!

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