It takes a leap of faith…..

I am in the middle of making a life altering decision – one that I am not prepared to share at this time, but those who are closest to me and those involved in the process know what it is.  I have a goal and a plan, but some of the details and in between stuff is a little out of my control.  The out of my control part is what makes me nervous because this is huge and it is difficult to plan around variables that you can’t control.  However, I am ultimately in control of the end result – I take comfort in that.

And……I have the faith, determination, and passion that can will make it work – no matter what twists and turns I may have to maneuver around.  I have faced difficult life decisions in the past and, while they may not have always gone exactly as planned, the end result always worked out because I knew where I was going and basically how I wanted to get there.  When I put my mind to something and want it bad enough……I make it work!

So, how am I preparing for and working through this decision?  First, I made sure I had the end goal fixed – this has been known for quite some time, but I wasn’t sure until recently how I would make it happen and what time frame I was considering.  Then, I went into research and planning mode – big time!  Thinking every option through to the smallest detail.  Spending many sleepless nights going over “what if” scenarios in my mind.  Creating pros and cons lists upon pros and cons lists upon pros and cons lists.  Then, I made my plans known to those who may be able to help with the variables, talked it through with family and friends who could help ensure I’m not overlooking something important, and relied on support and advice where appropriate.  It has gotten a lot easier to work through since I stopped trying to think it through all on my own.

Now, I just need to work out a few little details before putting the first big ball into motion…….then, all I’ll need to do is tackle the variables as they come – with the same faith, determination, and passion that got me this far!

That first big ball is very scary…………………..and very exciting…………………and very important!  I can’t wait to finish with the decisions needed to get it rolling so I can breathe again!

One Comment on “It takes a leap of faith…..

  1. Sounds like you’ve done all the hard work. Now to make the leap. My thoughts and prayers are with you!

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