Makes Perfect Scents

Funny how some conversations I have just scream “this will make a great blog post”!  Either as I’m having them or as I think about them later, I start to work through how I will take the topic and run with it.  It just makes perfect sense (or in this case scents) to me.  I had such a conversation early last week – it was just a brief comment or two and it was over, so no elaborate discussion, but just enough to prompt further thought about the topic on my part.

The topic?  Perfume!  The conversation that triggered the need to write?  A friend asked what perfume I was wearing and we talked briefly about how she thought that was what it was because it is one that she likes, as well.

The perfume?  Tabu!  I love Tabu – it is very elegant and classic.  I also like Windsong and often alternate between the two, but Tabu is really my favorite.  I used to wear both in high school, but they disappeared (or at least from stores I shopped in) and just recently (in the past couple of years) rediscovered them both.  So, if you run into me, I will most likely be wearing one or the other.  My Dad used to tease me when I finished getting dressed to go out by saying “are you wearing your OFF?” – it was a dig at keeping the mosquitos (boys) away, so it was a running joke whenever I put on perfume or he put on cologne or aftershave!

Perfume is a very personal item.  When purchasing perfume for a gift, it is wise to find out what the lady likes before purchasing something just because you happen to like the smell you sniffed from the sample bottle.  Perfume is not only a personal preference, but also can smell very differently on different women – depending upon how it mixes with the oils in their skin.  Some women prefer musky scents, some prefer flowery scents, some prefer more classic scents, and others prefer cleaner/lighter scents.

Personally, I am usually not a fan of musky scents – on me or on others.  I have asthma, so many overpowering scents or ones that give off a musky aroma tend to take my breath away.  But, it isn’t just that.  I just don’t usually like the smell of musk.  However, I have been known to wear Vanilla Musk in the past and have liked it.  There was a long period of time when I wore Sand and Sable almost exclusively.  But, either they changed the formula or something has changed in the way it smells on me because I suddenly found that I really didn’t like the way it smelled on me at all – I’d get a whiff when my blouse moved just right or the breeze caught it now and then and I’d cringe.  I stopped wearing it.  It is a shame, too, because I really liked it at one time!  When I was in grammar and junior high school, there was a cologne called Baby Soft that I wore a lot – it smelled like baby powder.  But, I out grew that when I got into high school and moved on to the more sophisticated Tabu and Windsong.

Other perfume type scents I enjoy:

  • For years and years, my mother wore Emeraude Creamy Skin perfume and I loved how she smelled when she wore it.  But, they stopped making it and the liquid version just doesn’t smell the same.
  • I love the smell of lavender – so calming and beautiful.
  • I have gotten so that I much prefer the smell of soap in the shower over scented shower gels.

Other scents, in general, that are sure to put a smile on my face:

  • Puppy breath
  • Freshly washed sheets that have dried outside in the breeze
  • My house when a big dinner is roasting or desserts are baking in the oven
  • Fresh baked bread
  • Fresh ground coffee beans

And then…….there is the one scent that everyone wears at various times in their lives, even though it is not bottled and sold (thank goodness) and not on anyone’s favorite scents lists.  It is called:  “Keep your distance” – appropriately subtitled “I’ve been playing or working hard and you really don’t want to get too close until after I take a shower”!!!!

Keep your noses clean and enjoy the wonderful scents all around you!

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