A Good Cry

I got home from work this evening – after running by All Animals to get a bag of food for the girls and paying $45.00 to fill my gas tank – and settled in to see what I had on my DVR.  Since I wasn’t feeling all that well over the weekend, I had everything pretty much caught up and watched….except the recording of yesterday’s “Sunday Morning“.  This show records every Sunday morning – I used to watch it religiously, but now only watch it if the snippet of show details lists something of interest to me.  This week, it had several segments that sounded like they would be enjoyable to watch, so I am now watching it!

The first segment was all about the dying art of the “tear jerker”.  A comment the reporter made inspired me to log on here and write a post.  The comment?  “There used to be an expression about movies:  ‘Oh, go to this movie and you’ll have a good cry.'”  I immediately related!  I love a movie that will earn me a good cry!  Each and every one of the movies they used as examples are ones I saw and sobbed hysterically at – not once, but many times!!!  And I don’t mean many times within the single viewing of the movie – I mean many times over multiple viewings of the movie!  In fact, I got teary eyed just at the reference to the movie and the first second of the small clips they showed!  I can’t resist watching any of these movies over and over again.  I usually start to get choked up at the opening credits because I know what is coming!

The examples they used were:

  • Brian’s Song
  • Terms of Endearment
  • Beaches
  • Sleepless in Seattle
  • A Star is Born
  • Ghost
  • and a few others

Others (in addition to the above mentioned) that always make me sob – movies I call a “three box movie”, meaning you’d better take three boxes of Kleenex with you, cause you’re gonna need them:

  • Love Story
  • Always
  • Steel Magnolias
  • The Notebook
  • and many others

But, that isn’t a bad thing.  I don’t cry because I’m sad or depressed – I cry because I get caught up with the characters and the story.  It is an absolute compliment to the movie, the actors, the story, and everything/everyone involved in it.  I always say that the criteria I use to determine if a movie was good or not includes whether or not I laughed, cried, and left feeling good.

More to the point……I really enjoy a good cry.  There is something about the endorphins or something when you cry – it makes you feel good after you get it out and have a good hard cry.  It helps fend off a bout of depressed feelings – I let myself indulge in a good cry and I’m renewed and refreshed.  I leave a movie that really made me cry hard and I feel good.  I’m a very sentimental, emotional person and feel deeply about things that spark my emotions.  I’ve been known to cry at the drop of a hat – even sentimental TV commercials (like the old one for the long distance company when the young man calls home and he says “I just called to say I Love You, Mom!”).  Quite often, when my emotions get the best of me and cause an embarrassing situation, I get mad at myself and cry even more!  But, that’s OK, cause I’ll wind up feeling better in the long run.

So, what got me teary eyed tonight, besides the thought of all the wonderful tear jerkers highlighted on Sunday Morning?  The $45.00 fill up at the gas station!  uugghh

So……go ahead…..give yourself permission to have a good cry – you’ll thank yourself for it!  I consider myself lucky to have the ability to let it all out……it is definitely healthier than holding it all in!

2 Comments on “A Good Cry

  1. I completely agree, Kim! One of my roommates in college and I would schedule a cry for a point in the day when we were both free. People thought we were crazy but it was so therapeutic! Oh, and the Hallmark commercials are always the ones that get me!

  2. Add In Love and War and Titanic to the list. Dude. Just thinking about them make the emotions well up in my chest.

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