Airports can be entertaining

I traveled to my Mom’s for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I flew up on Weds – the busiest travel day of the year – and back on Monday.  I had a wonderful time.   Just a month ago today, Mom had her second hip replacement surgery (the first was two and a half years ago).  She got home from rehab on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, so she had only been home a few days when I arrived.  She had a rough time with the surgery and rehab, which followed many months of agonizing pain – she’s had a tough year!!!  But, she was doing remarkably well – still slow and unable to do most of her normal routine without assistance or taking longer than usual, but she is getting around with a walker and doing a LOT better than I anticipated!  We had a great visit!  I am so glad I went up for the holiday!

The traveling part was rather event free – no long lines (even on Weds morning), no flight delays, no rough weather, no drama, and no one touched my junk!  It would have been very boring…..if it weren’t for the people in the airport!  I love to people watch – especially in airports – I’m always amazed at how people act when traveling and wonder if they act that way all the time or if there is something about traveling that brings the bazaar tendencies out of them!

A few worthy of mentioning from this trip:

  • This actually happens most trips – not sure why I always seem to get behind someone like this in the security line!  The requirements at airports are well publicized and the brunt of many jokes, cartoons, late night talk show banter, etc….so, why is it that there is almost always someone who comes totally unprepared for what they will encounter?  Case in point – this trip wasn’t the first time I’ve been behind someone who chooses to wear something on their feet that is extremely difficult to take off and put back on – holding up the line while they struggle!  This time it was a young woman who wore THIGH high leather boots – yes, thigh high – they were skin-tight and went all the way up to just inches from her – well, you can guess how high they were!  She struggled with the zipper, then couldn’t get them off and needed her travel companion to help her pull them off, and then after passing through the metal detectors – instead of grabbing them and moving on to one of the benches at the end of the conveyor belts – she stood there struggling to put them back on and getting herself all situated – holding up everyone’s bins from getting through the scanners behind her!  Come on!  I wear the easiest shoes to slip off and on and I STILL grab my stuff and move out of everyone’s way before I put them back on and get all the stuff I had to take off and out of bags back where it all belongs! 
  • While on my lengthy layover in Baltimore – after I stopped in at the great little seafood restaurant that specializes in Maryland crab cakes and had a delicious dinner of crab and shrimp – I watched a big guy standing out in the main aisle way doing the “I’m so important, I have to be on the phone every second” dance.  He had a bluetooth or something else that made him hands-free with no sign of where the phone was!   So, he was pacing back and forth, talking loudly, laughing with great animation, waving his arms around for dramatic impact, and basically just making sure everyone in the airport knew he was there and what he was doing!  Since his phone was hidden, it made me think that not all that long ago, if someone was acting the way he was acting in public, people would have stared and laughed or avoided eye contact or went out of their way to not get too close to him — all because he would have looked like someone who needed help from some guys in little white coats!!!  hahaha  But, everyone just passed him by like he wasn’t even there — I’m sure that was much to his disappointment, since it appeared like he really wanted the attention drawn to him! 
  • There was also this woman who was waiting for the same flight I was waiting for who ALSO wanted to be sure everyone knew she was there – and that she left her pizza in Chicago!  She constantly paced around the entire waiting area or stood wherever she could easily be seen by everyone.  Whenever someone from Southwest passed her and said the polite “how are you?”, she would say very loudly and disgustedly, “Not good at all – I left my pizza in Chicago and I’m not too happy about it!”  Apparently, it was some special deep dish pizza from a famous place.  If someone accidentally made eye contact with her (and we all soon learned to try hard to not let that happen) she would say, “Can you believe I left that pizza in Chicago?  I’m so upset!”  And then she got on the phone and loudly told someone all about it!  I got on the plane pretty quickly and sat in one of the front row seats.  When she got on, the flight attendant greeted her and she told him all about it and then I heard her telling another attendant further back all about it!  For pity sake – please get that woman a pizza!!!!

Those are the ones that stood out the most for me this trip……but there are always some that give me reason to chuckle to myself, just as I’m sure someone is chuckling over something I do while I’m sitting there, as well!

If any of you are traveling over the upcoming holidays or for other reasons, I hope you find joy in the free entertainment that is provided by all your fellow travelers!

Happy Holidays!

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