So often I, like many others, think that I have to travel to some exotic place to find Paradise.  The image of what Paradise is reflects mental photos of secluded island beaches, pleasant breezes, relaxation, peaceful atmospheres, and the total absence of stress and the sense of urgency in life!  Where else can you find all this in one place except for tropical islands and exotic locations?  What in normal every day life can even come close to that?

It is mornings like this one that brings me back to my senses and reminds me that I don’t have to spend a lot of money and time taking myself to Paradise to find peace.  I have a version of it right here – whenever I want to take it all in! 

Picture this

It is the morning after the Fourth of July holiday – the day my work observes the holiday, so I am off on what is usually the first day back to work after the weekend.  I woke up at the usual time to let the girls out to take care of business, but was able to convince them that going back to bed was better than starting a day of play so early.  They let me sleep in until a little before 9:00!  It is a lovely morning, so I cleaned and refilled their pools so they could splash around and keep cool through the day. 

Now, I am sitting on my shaded patio.  The temperature is in the mid-high 70s.  There is a constant breeze that is mostly gentle with some stronger occasional bursts.  The wind chimes are playing delicate music for my listening pleasure – two perfectly tuned metal chimes and one with bamboo that adds the perfect contrast to the sounds of the others and lends a tropical feel to the setting.  I can hear a woodpecker in a nearby tree hammering away to complete his work responsibilities.  The locusts are serenading me with a song that predicts the upcoming heat of the day.  There are birds chirping to let the world know what a lovely morning it truly is.  The girls are sunning themselves in the warm grass to rest after their play session of running through the yard, chasing each other through the pools, splashing around, and rolling around the grass to get dry.  The sky is an incredible blue with no sign of clouds to break up the smooth, vibrant color. 

If there is a Heaven on earth, it is here!

And the best part?  It isn’t just today!  I enjoy similar experiences all the time — either out on the patio or in my comfortable home.  My home and my girls bring me such joy and happiness.  I have learned to sit back and take it all in……leave the stresses of life at the door (for the most part)……and simply enjoy my own little Paradise!  What more could I ask for?  Life is good!

But, if you think that means I’ll never plan another trip to a more exotic Paradise, think again…….variety is, afterall, the spice of life!  Hahaha!

One Comment on “Paradise

  1. What a great post, Kim! Feeling like home is paradise is about as lucky as you can get. I am so glad you had such a nice morning!

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