Happy Father’s Day – 2010

I always have mixed emotions about Father’s Day.  Even today, I am sad that I am not able to physically hug and kiss the two men who were the strongest father figures in my life, but I am also filled to the brim with the “warm fuzzies” just thinking of them and remembering them.  I always had and counted on my Grandpa – he took over after my father left us when I was a very small child and filled that void beautifully.  But, I was often sad that I didn’t have a “Daddy” in my life.  Until Charlie came into our lives in my mid-late teens and I finally had a Dad that made up for all the lost time!  Charlie didn’t have to be a Dad to us, but he was proud to do so and we adored him for it!

It has been 12 years since I lost my Grandpa and 11 years since Charlie passed on.  But, my heart is still filled with love for them.  They are always with me – my guardian angels – my heros! 

Happy Father’s Day Grandpa and Charlie — I love and miss you both so very much!

Here’s to my two favorite guys:

Marlin Freeman – my Grandpa
Charlie Culmo – my Poppie

Some songs that perfectly reflect my feelings today:

And a couple that hold special memories of Charlie.  The first is “Teddy Bear” song by Barbara Fairchild – the one that Charlie and I considered “our song” and danced to whenever we heard it!  The second is “Satin Sheets” by Jeanne Pruett – this one was Mom and Charlie’s song and one they both loved the most of any country song!

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