What’s New?

What’s new?  Lot’s of stuff going on and a couple of bits of news that I haven’t posted about on here, yet – like big news at CIS and a new restaurant in town!  My excuse for not posting sooner…….well, that’s news, too!  Lot’s of stuff going on and, unfortunately, no time to write about it!!!!  So, taking some time this morning to cover a few things:

The Steele Pig is the cool, catchy name of a new restaurant in town!  It isn’t really “NEW”, but more like a make-over of an old favorite!  Bella Bistro has been a key feature in downtown Sanford for many years.  Chad Blackwelder, chef and owner of Bella, decided to reinvent his restaurant and make it more affordable and attractive to a wider customer base.  The name was changed to The Steele Pig and the menu was revamped to include a mix of old favorites and new, exciting smoked meats and sandwiches!  I took Mom earlier this week and we had a wonderful time chowing down on smoked spareribs that were melt-in-your-mouth delicious!!!  Check out the Roving Review I wrote for the SocialSanford blog.  Better, yet – go see for yourself – The Steele Pig….dinner….Tues-Sat….133 S. Steele Street…..be there!

Communities in Schools of Lee County announced a couple of weeks ago that we have a new Executive Director!  Heather Little begins her journey in her new role at CIS on May 3rd.  Laura Biediger tendered her resignation to go back to school in the fall – she’ll be pursuing a Master’s Degree in Public Administration at UNC Chapel Hill.  We wish Laura well and will miss her!  But, we are so very excited to welcome Heather as our new ED.  Heather is no stranger to CIS Lee….she is on the Board of Directors and serves as Program Committee Chair.  She is also credited with starting and building the BackPack Pals Program for Lee County Schools and bringing it to CIS Lee.  We’ll be so lucky to have her!

Personally………the reason I haven’t had a lot of time to catch up on the news is that my Mom is visiting!  YAY!!!!  We’ve had a great week sharing all kinds of stuff — pedicures at Marcello’s, dinner at The Steele Pig and Cafe 121 (she told me before she got here to not forget to plan time with Chef Hamm and his wonderful ribeye steaks!!!), cooking together, watching lots of NetFlix movies, and just plain sitting around, relaxing, and enjoying each other’s company!!!

Well, that’s all for now…….I’m sure there is more news to catch up on, but no more time this morning!

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