Movie Review – Edge of Darkness

Since I am not a football fan, had no interest in watching the Super Bowl, and figured there wouldn’t be much else on TV, I made plans to see a movie today!  My original plan was to see “When In Rome” – yeah, I know, it hasn’t been rated very well, but I just LOVE Josh Duhamel, so couldn’t resist!  I adored his character on “All My Children” – Leo – and was so upset when they killed him off!!!  And even though I didn’t care for the series “Las Vegas”, I’d watch it now and then just to get a glimpse of Josh…..such a cutie – he’s a real sweetheart and so lovable!  But, when I looked up the times, I realized another movie I’ve been waiting for is out and I almost missed noticing it on the theater list!!!  So, I decided to see Mel Gibson’s “Edge of Darkness”, instead — and I’m soooooo glad I did!!!

The story – Gibson is Thomas Craven, a Boston detective whose daughter is murdered on his front porch with him standing right next to her.  The assumption by him and the police is that he was the target.  But, the more he looks into his daughter’s life and friends, he realizes SHE was the target. 

I won’t go into any more details than that — it is a riveting two hours of corporate and government corruption, murder, suspense, twists, turns, surprises, and action – including scenes that made me jump and gasp out loud!!!  There is also a certain amount of sentimental parts that brought tears to my eyes!  Mel Gibson does a really good job in his role.   Another notable character is government operative, Darius Jedburgh, played brilliantly by English actor Ray Winstone.

Go see it — it is good and well worth the time and money!!!  I rate this one an A.

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