Movie Review – It’s Complicated

Christmas Day at the movies — a great tradition that I enjoy very much!  I watch for what movies will be released on Christmas Day and pretty much decide which one I plan to see long before the day gets here!  This year, I was torn between two – “It’s Complicated” and “Nine”.  I couldn’t decide, so I settled for going to BOTH!!!  Then, I looked at the show times to see what I needed to do to juggle them and was very disappointed to find out that “Nine” didn’t come to Sanford!  I would have to go to Cary to see it!  I toyed with the idea of going to Cary, but decided that I didn’t want to devote the entire day to movies, so made the choice to only see “It’s Complicated” in Sanford.

The movie stars Meryl Streep (Jane), Alec Baldwin (Jake), and Steve Martin (Adam).  Jane and Jake are divorced and have three grown children.  The divorce, caused by Jake cheating on Jane with a much younger girl,  resulted in 10 years of bitterness and the inability for them to be in the same room with each other.  During a weekend trip to see their son graduate in NYC, they are thrown into a situation where they have dinner, get drunk, and  end up in bed with each other!  While they proceed with an affair (by the way – Jake is still married to the younger woman he cheated on his wife with), Jane meets Adam, an architect that is working on an addition on her home.  hilarity ensues!!!  Scene after scene cracked me up — it was so funny and enjoyable! 

The story was cute, the characters were perfect, and it was such fun to watch!  The audience seemed to agree with me – they were laughing out loud, clapping, and gasping throughout the entire film!  It was a thoroughly entertaining afternoon!

I rate this one an A and highly recommend it for anyone who just wants to be entertained and laugh!

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