Movie Review – The Blind Side

I love Sandra Bullock movies, so I had to see this one well before I saw any of the promos!  Then, the promos came and I started reading about the story and was hooked!  The critics hate it, but I never listen to the critics – they rarely like what I like (or what most average Americans like, for that matter)!  Once in a while I am sorry I didn’t listen to them – this was NOT one of those times!  I am so glad I went to see this movie on Sunday afternoon!!!  I was just getting back from a week-long vacation (holiday visit to my Mom’s) and I was tired and had a TON of things I needed to be doing!  BUT – the movie had already been out for a week and I hadn’t seen it yet and I REALLY wanted to see it!  So — the outside Christmas decorations had to wait cause I chose spending the afternoon at the movies instead of putting them up and it was too dark by the time I got out and back home!  Them’s the breaks!!!  It was worth it!!!

This is the true story about All-American football player, Michael Oher – but, it is not a movie about football.  Yes, there is football and lots of sports related scenes, but it really isn’t about that!  It is about a well-to-do southern white family who takes in a poor, homeless black teen, makes him part of their family, and gives them every advantage they gave their own children.  It is about that poor, homeless black teenager’s struggles to overcome his past and work hard to have a successful future.  It is about a very large, but very shy, quiet, and appreciative young man who realizes what an amazing gift a family who truly cares about him and his potential is.  Sound like a work of fiction?  A story someone created in a novel?  Well, it isn’t — it is a true story and an amazing one, at that!

But, beyond the story, itself…..the movie, as a whole, is well put together, well acted, and told gracefully.  Sandra Bullock does an incredible job portraying Leigh Anne Tuohy – an ex-cheerleader who married her college sweetheart and became a very rich lady who dabbles in charitable causes.  Tim McGraw portrays Sean Tuohy, who was a college basketball star and earned his fortune starting several fast food chains, like Taco Bell.  I like Tim McGraw in films – he did a good job in this role – no, not Oscar worthy, but all performances don’t have to be Oscar candidates to be good!  Quinton Aaron is exceptional as Michael Oher – an amazing performance by someone who barely speaks throughout most of the movie, but you know exactly what he is thinking, feeling, and what he is like inside!  Incredible!  Kathy Bates also has a noteworthy performance as Miss Sue – the tutor the Tuohy’s hire to help Michael bring his grades up so he can have a chance at a college scholarship to play football.   The other standout performance was by young Jae Head, who portrayed SJ (Sean Junior) Tuohy.  We’re gonna see a lot of this kid!  He was a lot of fun to watch as the precocious, enterprising 8-year-old son of the Tuohy’s.

I found this movie to be thought-provoking, heartwarming, interesting, and encouraging.  I laughed and cried and left feeling good – everything I expect out of a movie of this type!  I don’t like or understand the game of football, but found myself engaged and interested in the football scenes – probably because it really wasn’t about that, at all, but, at the same time, it was more than just a back drop.  I highly recommend this movie and hope that the critics don’t ruin the chances of this movie being recognized on some level during the awards season – at least by receiving some nominations!

I rate this one a solid A+!  DON’T listen to the critics – go judge for yourself!  Take some tissue or napkins in with you, sit back, and enjoy – it’s a good one!

One Comment on “Movie Review – The Blind Side

  1. I am debating which of these I want to see in the theatre: The Blind Side or Precious. After reading how much you liked it, maybe we’ll do The Blind Side and leave my ugly cry over Precious for Netflix.

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