Movie Review – Amelia

amelia_smallposterI know…I’m behind on my reviews!  But, not too far behind – I just saw Amelia last Sunday, so I’m only a week late!  Last weekend was my birthday and my dear friends, Ron and Lisa, took me out for a great day to commemorate it!  We went to Cary and did some shopping at BJ’s, went to see the movie Amelia, and had dinner at Olive Garden!  It was a great day!

So – on with the review!  Amelia is, of course, the story of Amelia Earhart.  Hilary Swank stars as Amelia and Richard Gere portrays her husband, publishing mogul George Putnam.  Ewan McGregor also stars in the movie as Gene Vidal, father of Gore Vital and long time friend and lover of Amelia’s. 

The acting is top notch!  I usually don’t care a lot for Hilary Swank, but she is perfect as Amelia Earhart – she even looks like her! 

The story chronicles Amelia’s love of flying and her inherent knowledge of aircraft and what can make a flight efficient and successful against the odds.  The story admits she may not have been the best pilot, but she was smart and had great instincts, as well as an intense passion.  It also focuses on her personal life and her relationships.  The world fell in love with her and so did everyone she came into personal contact with.  She was a charismatic woman who was able to use her celebrity to raise the funds she needed to finance her flying desires. 

One thing I really liked was that it stuck to the facts about her last flight.  It used written journal entries that were among the things she sent to her husband on one of her stops to lighten the weight in the plane, as well as radio logs, phone conversations, and other records.  It didn’t take liberties to assume things that must have happened or romanticize an alleged ending.

All in all, it was a good movie — very interesting and endearing.  I would have liked for it to go into more about her life by focusing more heavily on specific parts, rather than just touching on so many aspects of it.  But, that probably would have made for a very lengthy film – this is a difficult balance for most movies to make.  I think they did a nice job of giving just enough to keep the audience interested and perhaps wanting to go research the more in depth details.

I rate this movie a solid B+ and recommend it for anyone who likes historic stories, aviation themes, and real life romance.

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