“Bride Wars” and the Weekend in Review

“Hamlet”, “Bride Wars”, manicure, pedicures, hair cuts, and I still had time to relax, veg out on the couch, play with the girls, and enjoy the lazy parts of the weekend!  WHEW!!!  It was all good – I’m sorry to see the weekend end! 

It all started after work on Friday with my decision to go see “Hamlet” at the Temple Theater!  I got home late and had a killer headache (not from the show – it started earlier and got worse as the night progressed because I didn’t eat any dinner), so I wish I had waited to write my review Saturday morning when I had more time and patience to think about it more!  But, I didn’t want to forget the amazing experience, so I went ahead and wrote it before I hit the sack.  But, there were two things I left off the list of parts that particularly hit me as what made it so special for me – as it was, I listed three things — here are the other two:

  • Ophelia’s funeral procession – I was sitting near the back of the theater on the right side (as you face the stage) right on the aisle.  The funeral procession for Ophelia came through the door and walked up the aisle with Ophelia held up above their heads and laid her to rest on the stage — it was very impressive and really got to me!
  • The ghost of Hamlet’s father — it was projected as part of the technology they used to enhance the experience!  It was eerie and disturbing — and so much more effective than an actor portraying a ghost!

bridewars_posterSaturday, I lounged around all morning and then went to see “Bride Wars” with Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson.  I was really looking forward to seeing this movie and it didn’t disappoint me!  It is just my type of fun movie — I laughed, got a tad teary eyed in one scene, and left feeling good!  It was fun and silly and made for an enjoyable afternoon.  The rest of the audience must have felt the same way – they were all laughing out loud, too!

I did some pampering of myself, too — had a really good mani/pedi and got a much needed haircut and color!

I went to Cafe 121 Sunday morning for brunch and had a GREAT meal!!!  I tend to forget that they are open on Sunday’s for brunch and really should do something to remind myself so that I go more often!  I haven’t been to Cafe 121 much since before Christmas – once when Mom was here and I met Alison there for lunch on Friday, so I thought it was about time!!!  I also haven’t been to Myra’s at all since before Christmas — I need to get over there sometime soon, too!

match-point1I watched an incredibly boring and bazaar movie that I got through NetFlix – it was called “Match Point” with Scarlett Johanssen.  The write up sounded really intriguing – a suspense drama – and the viewer ratings averaged 3.5 stars with critic ratings averaging around 4 stars!  I thought this one had to be good!  WRONG!  It was slow, boring, and ordinary – just when it started to perk up and get good, it ended – strangely!!!  It was a wasted 2 hours – I’m sorry I sat there the whole time watching it!

The weekend was a great cap to a week that was crammed full of getting back into the swing of things after being off work for a little over 2 weeks!!!  It sounds like a hectic weekend, but it really wasn’t — I didn’t get dressed and leave the house until almost 3:00 on Saturday and until around noon on Sunday!  The mornings and evenings were filled with playing with the girls, snoozing on the couch, and just being lazy!!!  I loved it!!!  ha-ha-ha

Movies I’m looking forward to coming out:

 newintown_poster1   “New In Town” w/ Renee Zellwenger

hesjustnotthatintoyou_poster  “He’s Just Not Into You” w/ an all star cast

confessionsofashopaholic_poster  “Confessions of a Shop-a-holic”

Now, I need to get some sleep so I can start a whole new week……here we go again!

One Comment on ““Bride Wars” and the Weekend in Review

  1. I really like hearing about all the movies you see! I am looking forward to all of those movies as well!

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