Toys – Thanks, Santa…

The girls have a toy box FULL of toys….but, Santa still brought them more!!!  They all got new Kongs and Megan got a couple new balls – her favorite brand in a couple new colors.  Then, “Daddy” (Ronald) and “Aunt” Lisa brought them each a stuffed animal toy!  Of course, they also got some busy bones, too…

Stuffed animal toys don’t last long in our house — the ones that “Daddy” and “Aunt” Lisa brought were no exception!  Ronald and Lisa came over the morning after Christmas and we exchanged gifts and had some bagels and coffee.  They gave the girls their toys first and before we could finish our visit, the squeakers were out of two of the toys and stuffing all over the living room floor!!!  I cleaned up the mess and pulled the rest of the stuffing out of the toys so that they were just limp rags that looked like stuffed toys – ha-ha!  I put the third one up so that it will last a little longer….they still play with the limp rags – shaking and throwing them around the room!

The surprise over the past week has been Amy — Megan is the big toy player – she is constantly squawking on a ball and playing with her toys!  Katie and Amy will act interested every once in a while – they did like the stuffed ones when they are new, but tear them up and lose interest and don’t show much interest at all in the less destructable kind.  BUT — over the past week, Amy has gone nuts with toys!!!  She takes her front paw and bops the toy to make it squeak and then leaps up about a foot or so in the air and spins around before landing (I still think there is a little Jack Russell in those two somewhere) – then she grabs it and shakes it all over and tosses it up in the air…she isn’t as relentless as Megan is, but she’s getting close!!!  I don’t know if she’s showing off cause Mom’s here or if she’s suddenly gained an intersted in playing with toys — whatever is going on, it is sooooooooooo cute and funny to watch!!!  ha-ha

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