Movie Review – Marley and Me – and Christmas Day!

Christmas Day – 2008 – was very special at my house!  Mom was here….we had a lovely meal….and did my favorite Christmas Day activity:  we went to see a movie!  Here is my accounting of the day and my review of “Marley and Me”…

We started the day with breakfast and, if I do say so myself, I fixed some perfectly cooked eggs!!  It turned out to be a beautiful day – warm and sunny!  Mom commented that it didn’t feel much like Christmas and if you were here visiting from Western NY (near Buffalo), you would probably say the same thing!  But, it was a really beautiful day!  After breakfast, we got ready and went to the movies!

marleyandme_teaserMom and I saw “Marley and Me” at the Christmas Day matinee!  This is a dog lover’s movie that everyone will enjoy!  BUT — and this is a huge “BUT” — it is VERY sad and heart tugging!!!  Take a box of tissues with you – you’re gonna need them – I don’t care if you never cry at a movie – I will take bets that you’ll cry at this one!!!! 

The movie stars Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson – both do an amazing job in their roles.  The emotions and genuine joy in their relationship to “Marley” are portrayed beautifully and realistically. The story takes us from Aniston and Wilson’s characters getting married, moving to Miami, adopting a yellow lab puppy, and on through the growth of their family and life of Marley.  Marley is all puppy!  He is destructive beyond all imagination by eating and tearing into tiny pieces everything within sight (Megan has officially been demoted – she has lost the title of “World’s Biggest Monster Dog”) and totally unruly — and it is soooooooo funny!!!  Probably because I could feel their pain……ha-ha-ha-ha!!!  The beginning was adorable, hysterical, and loads of fun.  Then, I thought they grew Marley up too fast – I wish they had focused more on him as a puppy – and the middle bordered on beginning to get boring when it started to pick up again.  The ending is incredibly sad – very well done, but intense and sad, just the same!  We both really enjoyed the movie – it was a lovely story, great characters, and perfectly cast – but we also both thought that it left us with the feeling that it put a damper on the day.  I sobbed out loud and it broke my heart to watch the ending of this movie.  It did not, however, take away from my enjoyment of the movie overall…I rate this one an A-  only because of the slow part in the middle and because I wish they had ended it on a higher note – don’t get me wrong, the ending was appropriate and touching, but I just wish they had taken it just a little further so that I left feeling a little more upbeat.

Then, Mom and I spent the rest of the afternoon cooking our Christmas dinner together….it was such a joy to have her here and cook with her!  We had all our favorites — ham, sweet potatoes, asparagus, parsnips, fruit salad, apple sauce, and yeast rolls.  After we ate and cleaned up, we decided a nap was definitely in order — so we snoozed for a little while.  We capped the evening off with french vanilla ice cream topped with fudge and caramel and spanish peanuts while watching TV.  It was a great day!!!

Movies left on our “to do” list for the rest of Mom’s visit:   “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, “Seven Pounds”, and “Four Christmases”.  We took “Australia” off the list because beginning today it is only showing at 9:35 at night and is an almost 3 hour movie — too late for us!!  ha-ha  We’d also really like to see “Doubt”, but it isn’t playing in Sanford – if that changes before Mom goes back, we just may have to put it on the list!!!!

4 Comments on “Movie Review – Marley and Me – and Christmas Day!

  1. Kim — I am so glad you posted this review. I had been determined to drag Jonathan to this movie (even if he was kicking and screaming!!), and I convinced him that you said it was great, so he half-heartedly agreed to go.

    We saw it Friday night — we laughed, we cried. We both LOVED it. It has to be one of the best movies we have seen in a really long time. My only regret is that we didn’t take the boys with us, as it was finally a movie we could all see as a family!

    The only downside…we both want a puppy so bad we can’t hardly stand it!

  2. Kim, I saw it today and oh my goodness. I don’t think I’ve ever cried that much at a movie! It was wonderful, and it made me just a little less mad at Luna when I came home and she ate a huge hole through my new sweater. 🙂

  3. When I got home, I couldn’t stop hugging my girls — they seemed to wonder what in the world was going on! ha-ha

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