Ick and more

I have had a serious case of the “ick” or “crud” – whatever you want to call it – it isn’t pleasant under any name! It started about 3:30 yesterday afternoon at work. I suddenly got an intense headache and started to feel dizzy and queasy. Soon after, I got nauseous and very dizzy! I went to the ladie’s room and splashed some water on my face and it helped, but didn’t really fix it. The next phase was the flushed, cold sweat feeling. By the time I got home from work, I was freezing, sweating, extremely nauceous, and felt like someone hit me in the head with a sledge hammer! I took care of the girls and went in to bed to wrap up in a blanket and see if I could shake it off. I wanted to be able to go to an appointment I had at Natural Balance for an ear candling at 8:30. I set the alarm and tried to fall asleep. I did doze off but frequently woke up from a wave of nausea. The phone rang at 7:00 – it was Natural Balance and they had some cancelations, so I could come in any time I wanted to. I thought about telling them about my situation and reschedule the appt, but I have had some deep itching in my ears and really wanted to see if this would help, so I said I’d be right over. I got up and started to freshen up so I could head out — then it started — the nausea came to a head and I threw up and couldn’t stop!!! I can’t believe my stomach could possibly hold that much “stuff” and that it could come out with such force! When I was finally done, I finished freshening up and went for my appt (more on that later). The appt took about a 1/2 hour and I was back home in no time. Still frozen to the bone and feeling shakey, I went straight to bed at about 8:30. I slept straight through the night, except for a few minutes around midnight when I let the girls out and checked emails. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to fall back to sleep after sleeping all evening, but I still wasn’t feeling well and went back to bed and fell right back to sleep! I got up this morning and still felt very uneasy and shakey, so I decided to stay home from work and continue my recovery. I slept most of the day and am finally starting to feel like myself.

I had called Natural Balance yesterday morning to see when I could get an appointment for ear candling. This is something I had done once before – a few years ago at Marcello’s when they first started doing it. At that time, I was having some problems with my ears and the ENT I was seeing said it wouldn’t hurt when I asked him about it. It did seem to help. But I have heard a lot of controversy about the treatment since (some say it is dangerous and ineffective), so I’ve never had it done again. But, I’ve tried flushing and peroxide and ear oils to stop the deep itching I’ve had lately and nothing seems to help, so I thought “what the heck”…..Holly said they had an 8:30 opening and, at the time, I didn’t know I was going to get sick, so I grabbed it! I do believe it worked!!! It not only stopped the itchy feeling in my ears, but it also helped me feel better for a little bit — the heated table soothed the chills I was having and she finished up the appt with a scalp massage that really helped the headache! It was so nice! I tried to talk her into just closing up the shop and leaving me there for the night, but she thought I was joking….

I obviously didn’t eat any dinner last night and haven’t eaten anything today, so far. Now that I’m starting to feel better, I am suddenly HUNGRY!!!!

I’m watching All My Children for the first time in a month or more – funny how I was able to pick right up where I left off!!! ha-ha For the “only in a soap opra” scene of the day: Tad hears news that his son and brother, who have been working in some remote underdeveloped country somewhere with Doctors Without Borders, are “missing” in the bush somewhere. Apparently, they went to provide help in the bush and are unreachable and were supposed to be back to their base station several days ago and there is word of gorilla (the human military kind) activity in the area and rumors of foreigners being taken captive. So, what does Tad do? Does he make some phone calls to see what is being done? Nope! Does he start a family vigil waiting for news? Nope! He does the only logical thing that a soap character would do — he hops a plane to go to the middle of nowhere where he’s never been before and doesn’t know anything about to take on finding them himself! The next time we see Tad I am sure he will be beating down a path through the jungle to successfully find them in a matter of hours when all the local experts couldn’t!!! Only in a soap opera….

Uugghh – I just had two Boston Cream Pie Toaster Strudels to stop the hunger pains and I am not at all sure they are going to stay where I put them……I may just get in the shower to see if that will help me feel human again and go get something more nutritious to eat!

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