Most Irritating Christmas Song – EVER!!!

Billy Liggett talked about his least favorite Christmas songs on The Rant this week and then posted video clips of them on his blog (click here for his blog to view this post and to access the link to the podcast of The Rant).  But I have to say that this one TAKES THE PRIZE for being the MOST IRRITATING Christmas song EVER – even though I have to admit that it is a little funny!!! 

I heard it this afternoon when I was driving on my lunch break from work to pop in at the Chamber and then the CIS office.  I had never heard it before and I just about lost it when it came on — my jaw dropped and stayed there until the song was over and I shook my head to come to my senses!!! 

Listen for yourself and let me know if you agree with me — while you’re listening, pay attention to two things that really stand out and “make” it what it is…………….the single person laughing his/her butt off in the background AND the kazoo solo (yep, I said kazoo solo)!!! 

Here you go:



By the way — I checked “Music” as the category for this post — I definitely use that word VERY loosely here!

One Comment on “Most Irritating Christmas Song – EVER!!!

  1. Billy and I sang this song to the kids the other night after Elvis’ Blue Christmas came on the Sirius holiday station. It’s definitely for kids only!

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