The Never Ending Game

I’ve said before that Megan is the “toy” girl…Katie and Amy – not so much!  Oh, they occasionally show an interest in toys when Megan and I are playing with one, but it is more the attention that they want to get in on than the actual toys. 

Megan has had (does have) a ton of different kinds of toys and shows ALL of them at least a little interest each week.  She’ll latch onto one or two as her temporary favorites to carry around, show off, and squeak for several days or a week.  But, her all time favorite, by far, is one particular type of ball that I get from Petsmart. 


She has several different colors and loves them all, but the most recently added one is always her favorite until a new one is added!  She will still play with all the others, but the “newest” is always the one she makes a point to play with everyday, takes to bed with her, looks for as soon as she comes in from being outside, and uses for the “Never Ending Game”!  Right now that favorite one is a medium sized yellow one.  Note that the card on the photo says “Durables” – you wouldn’t think they would be because they are kinda soft and Megan will eat and tear apart everything she sees, but they are!!!  She has some she has had for a year or more and they are still intact and still squeak! 

So what is the “Never Ending Game”?  It is more commonly known as “Throw The Ball, Mommie”!  No matter what I am doing, if she wants to play, there is no getting out of it!  I have been in the shower and she’s had her nose pressed up against the shower door squeaking that dang ball!!!  The way it is played is this — she starts with the teaser fade out – she goes and gets the ball and tosses it around once or twice by herself and then starts to squeak it – all the time looking over at me like she’s trying not to let me know she’s looking at me……then, she brings the ball over and squeaks it at my feet, but when I reach for it to throw it for her, she’ll nonchalantly arch her head and step back a step or two so I can’t get it….then, after three or four fade outs, she let’s me grab it, but won’t let go!  She goes into tug of war mode!  I say “you give me that ball, you little teaser, you” and she wiggles and dances around and finally “let’s” me have it!  I’ll pretend for a few seconds like I’m going to just keep it and that it is “my ball now” while she nervously paces and lunges at me to try to get it back from me!  Then, I toss it across the room — she chases after it and brings it right back to squeak it at me and lay it in my lap to wait for me to toss it again!  This goes on and on and on and on and on….until SHE gets tired of it (and believe me, for this game, she has a LONG attention span and doesn’t tire of it easily)!!!  If she catches up to it about the middle of the living room, she’ll grab it and chase it around a little, but if it looks to her like she won’t get it before it gets to the other end of the room, she’ll stop and watch where it goes and is very careful to not run into the entertainment center or other pieces of furniture!

So, I’m sure you’re wondering what Katie and Amy are doing all this time – surely, they don’t let her monopolize my time without getting equal attention – even though they aren’t into the whole toy, ball throwing thing!  You’re right – they don’t!  Although, sometimes they do just curl up and take a nap while Megan goes nuts with the ball and that is that!  But usually, they get their attention between throws!  They tend to sit on each side of me and as soon as I throw the ball and Megan goes after it, we cuddle and play “I’m gonna get your nose” or one of their other favorite games, then they let me toss the ball for Megan again and we resume our games while Megan is off getting the ball – each taking their “turn”…….it is a daily ritual that can’t be skipped and some days it is played MULTIPLE times!!!  (please someone rescue me….ha-ha-ha – just kidding!  I love it!)

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