No Surprises…

Nope – no surprises!  Brooke whet home with the DWTS trophy for Season 7!  No upsets!  The order of how they finished was even predictable!

I need to back slide a tad, though, on my “no surprises” comment — I was surprised that there was NO recap of last night’s show!  Uugghh!  I snoozed through last night’s show and didn’t get to see the final dances – including my favorite dances of each season – the free style dances!  Oh well….

This has been my least favorite season ever — too predictable, not enough anticipation to keep me from snoozing through most of the episodes — I never really got into one or more that I felt like rallying behind and go into “super rooting” mode for!  I definitely enjoyed the dances and everyone did well, but there was no real excitement for me!  I wonder if it is losing the oomph it used to have for me! 

One Comment on “No Surprises…

  1. You didn’t miss much with the freestyle dances. Brooke’s had too many lifts and too little dancing, Lance’s was typical hip-hop (which never goes over well with the judges) and Warren’s was full of personality but lacking in technique. Plus, the judges gave Brooke a completely undeserved 30 right off the bat, which pretty much wiped out the chance that anyone else could win.

    I hope next season holds more surprises than this one did …

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