I used to be an avid ER fan – never missed a show from the day it debuted to the season that I felt like it went down hill – the season that Dr. Greene (played by the wonderful Anthony Edwards) died!  And I haven’t watched it since – not even in passing! 

But – I read that Dr. Greene was gonna be back for tonight’s episode in a flash back segment.  Angela Bassett is a doctor in the ER now, but tonight’s story tells about her experience some years earlier when she brought her 5 year old son into that ER and Dr. Greene worked on him in Trauma Room 1 – he died on the table! 

The episode was one of the best I’ve ever seen — I just composed myself after crying my eyes out!!!  They flashed back and forth between Angela Bassett’s character working on a young girl about the same age as her son and her flash back thoughts about the similarities of the night her son died just down the hall….it was heart wrenching to say the least!!!  She ended up saving the girl because she remembered something that Dr. Greene asked her when he was working on her son – so, this case had a happy ending!  But it still had a devastating affect on her – she literally relived the night her son died!  And, I do believe Angela Bassett had the best line ever – when she talked to another doctor after the little girl was removed from the trauma room – she told him about her son and said “When your parents die, you’re an orphan.  When your spouse dies, you’re a widow or widower.  When you lose your baby……….there is no word for that!”  I was already in tears – that pushed me over the edge – I lost it!!!!

I’m so glad I remembered reading about Dr. Greene’s return and made sure I watched just to get to see him in action again….

3 Comments on “ER

  1. I used to watch ER all the time too, and Dr. Greene was far and away my favorite. I cried like a baby when he died.

  2. Dr. Greene died the year after my dad did. Those Hawaii episodes aired right around the 1st anniversary of his death and were really hard for me to watch but they were SO well done. Last night was great…I saw a glimpse of the “old” ER.

  3. I stayed up to watch ER last night and couldn’t stop crying. It was a great episode!!

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