Congratulations to Myra’s Kitchen!

I went to Myra’s for lunch today – had the Italian Sausage sandwich with peppers and onions, onion rings, and corn nuggets!  That was well worth the trip in itself….but there was more!!!  As I sat there eating my lunch, I noticed a lady sitting at another table doing paperwork and she had a bunch of stuff spread out in front of her – I wondered about her, but didn’t give it a lot of thought.  That is, until I saw her get up and walk through the swinging doors to the kitchen and return after a few minutes with what looked like a thermometer in her hand and then went back to her paperwork!  That told me exactly what her story was — she was a restaurant inspector!!!  Myra’s was getting inspected!!!  I knew it wasn’t likely that the result would be anything but glowing, but you never know……  So, I sat there wishing all was fine!

It wasn’t long before Myra went and sat down with the lady and they chatted and Myra was smiling and thanking her and saying how happy she was……then, I watched her start to glow as she put her new certificate in the frame and hang it on the wall — the certificate posted a 102 – up from the 98.5 that the new cert replaced (which, if you ask me is pretty dog-gone good)!!!  Of course, 2 points were for completion of the soon to be required course, but that still means that the restaurant received a PERFECT SCORE!!!  Myra was so happy and proud — her head was so big I could have burst it like a balloon!!!  It was all I could do to refrain myself from standing up and applauding!!!  Good Going, Myra and Buddy!!!

This, of course, does not diminish the other wonderful restaurants in Sanford that post high inspection scores — and there are many of them and they should all be commended!!!  It just so happened that I was there to witness the receipt, posting, and how happy Myra was!!!  So, I just had to call it out for all the Myra’s Kitchen fans out there!!!

(have I mentioned Myra’s is one of the Gala restaurants this year?????  ha-ha)

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