Tuesday Topics

First off – Dancing With The Stars – no one went home tonight because Misty was injured and left the competition, so she took the spot of whoever would have been voted off.  But – they did announce who got the lowest combined votes and “would have” gone home if she hadn’t left the competition.  The shocker was that it WASN’T Cloris Leachman!!!!  Ok – I get that she’s entertaining, but come on, now…….it is getting far enough into the competition that they should be voting for technical abilities – not who can make us laugh the most!  Instead, Rocco got the lowest votes and would have gone home this week!  My never to be humble opinion is that Cloris should have been the bottom and Rocco the next one in line…..So — that is my prediction for next week!!! 

The weather is starting to sound a little better for Friday — they are now saying a “slight chance of scattered showers” or some variation of that basic forecast, depending on what channel you listen to!  I’ll be forever greatful if it just doesn’t rain Friday evening — all day would be best, but the evening is the most important!!!!

OK — I am watching the 3rd debate and I am officially sick of hearing the word “fundamentally” or “fundamental” — would someone please buy the candidates (all of them) a thesaurus so that they can find some alternative words to use????  It is the single most used word on all three debates (but most notably in the 2 Presidential debates) – it is so heavily used that it sticks out like a sore thumb every time I hear it now!

I think I may have a little kidney stone moving around in my right kidney……I have that tell tale pinching and bruised aching that the little ones give off…..it is either a small one that will give me some trouble for a few days and then pass and be gone OR it could be a bigger one that just hasn’t moved into the narrower areas yet where it will give me a LOT of trouble!!!  I hope it is the small one — I get those all the time and just live with it!  the bigger ones tend to put me in the ER for pain management and monitoring — I don’t have time for that this week!!!!  It will NOT put me down!!!

That’s about it for now…..

2 Comments on “Tuesday Topics

  1. Kim, go see Dr. Esporas. Since I started seeing him I have not been to the ER once. He gives me a scrip to keep on hand and I get a KUB xray every 6 months or so (well, not right now, but before I got pregnant) just to see where things stand. He also prescribed me a drug (and I can’t remember the name right now!) that is for men with prostate problems, but has been extremely successful in helping kidney stones to pass. I may have a bottle around here somewhere and if I find it I’ll give you the name. He also did testing to see if we could find the cause of my stones. We didn’t find anything significant, but if you keep having them it’s worth checking out. Seriously, I’ve had dozens of stones and he’s been the ONLY urologist I’ve seen who is proactive and wants to try to treat them before they become problematic. I can usually get in to see him pretty quickly, so it’s worth trying to sneak in and get an xray and some pain meds at least!

  2. I really want to know who out there is voting for Cloris. I mean, I’m about as far from a prude as you can get, and I found her performance last night absolutely vulgar. Her act hasn’t been funny since week 1. And while Rocco has absolutely no rhythm, at least he’s taking the competition seriously. All that to say that I’m right there with you.

    I have to tape DWTS each week because it comes on while I’m getting the kids ready for bed, and starting next week, I’m fast forwarding straight through Cloris’ performances. I just can’t take it anymore.

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