Bagels for Breakfast!

On my way to Fayetteville yesterday, I stopped in the see Lenny and Kim at Bagels ‘n Stuff. I wanted to pick up some bagels and to show them some pictures of the last two CIS Galas so that they know what to expect during their first (and hopefully not last) year as one of the restaurants in the Taste of Lee County event at the Gala!

If you have not yet stopped in to meet Lenny and Kim and to try their delicious bagels, you really need to do it!!! They are such nice people and they make the most wonderful bagels!!! I hear their specialty flavored cream cheeses are great, too — I don’t know personally because I am allergic to cheese and cheese products, but know people who have tried them and have raved about them! ALSO — they have started offering ICED COFFEE drinks that are comparable to Starbucks!!!! Anyway — check them out! They are located on Horner Blvd next to Cafe Vesuvio across from Walgreens – right at the far end of the Food Lion plaza.

So, back to my bagels — I bought a 1/2 dozen blueberry bagels. I had one for a late evening snack last night and am eating one right now for breakfast — YUM!!! They are so good!!! Exactly what a bagel should be like!!! Soft, but chewy – dense, but light – delicious flavor!!! Excellent!!! Last night I just ate it plain – just slightly warmed in the microwave, which I like sometimes. But this morning I fixed it the way I prefer to eat bagels – lightly toasted with some butter melted on it!!! Then, on a whim, I smeared a little of the Apple Butter I got from Amy’s Confection Company on Friday. I wasn’t sure how the Apple Butter would go with the blueberry bagel, but decided to give it a try on part of one half. WOW – it was so good that I went back and put more on the whole thing!!! It really added a nice touch!

Bagels for breakfast — go get you some!!!! (and get some of Amy’s Apple Butter, too…..)

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