Alright, Already……

Can the Emergency Alert System (EAS) on cable be any more “in your face” and invasive???? The network stations run the emergency messages along the bottom of the screen and we get the message just fine! Not cable — they interrupt the program with a black screen with the message saying there is an emergency in the area and to tune to channel 10 for details, several loud tones, and it stays there for several seconds – during which you can not see OR hear the program you are watching. Now — if the message said what the emergency is, that might make some sense, but – no – it only tells you to go to channel 10 to find out if the emergency has any impact at all on you! BUT – you can’t turn the channel to check it out while the EAS is on the screen – the channel will only change once it goes back to the program and, by then, you get the end of the message!!! AND – they do this about every 10 minutes!!!!

Don’t get me wrong — I’m all for the alerts and the importance of making sure people are aware of emergency situations. But, come on — what is wrong with a tone and the message running along the bottom or top of the screen???? OR find a way to maintain either sight or sound of the program so you don’t miss what’s going on!!!! It always happens right at critical points in the dialogue, too……

Tonight, I was watching “My Cousin Vinny” (BTW – one of the best comedies of all time!!) and right at every one of the classic punch lines!!! It is a good thing that I can recite the entire movie by heart or I would have REALLY been irritated!!!

One Comment on “Alright, Already……

  1. Kim–I can’t tell you how angry Billy and I get at these announcements! First of all, there is NEVER anything about the emergency on Channel 10. Second, they actually interrupted the weather guy to show the alert!! Grr.

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