Girl’s Night Out

A couple of my friends from work and I had a good old “girl’s night out” tonight!!!

We started the evening with dinner at the opening night of the new Cafe 121 (previously Renalds). Chef Hamm has done a great job making the restaurant his own — new menu, new hours, new coffee bar, and new look! The food was delicious and there was a nice size crowd there to enjoy it! I had a burger and my friends had entrees (one had the ribeye steak and one had the salmon) and all were very good!

After a nice dinner and great conversation, we went to the Temple Theater to see Ain’t Misbehavin’………..what a treat!!!! I enjoy listening to jazz and blues and this show was a great example of bringing this type of music to life! The entire show was incredible and the cast was outstanding!

It was a fun evening……….now it is time for bed!!!

By the way — I also had lunch at Cafe 121 and it was so packed, there were people standing outside waiting for a table!!! And the new lunch menu has a great variety of choices! The sandwiches we had were excellent! Congratulations, Chef Hamm, on what looks like the start of a huge success for you!

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