Saturday Adventure

Saturday was full of adventure and fun! I ended the day so tired that I decided to take a little nap with the girls and woke up at 5:30 am this morning!!! Now, I admit that the day wasn’t that tiring, so I must have needed to catch up on some sleep from prior to Saturday, but I’m sure it added to it…..

I started out the morning reading the paper online and catching up on blogs – mine and other people’s and catching up on emails! While I was doing that, the girls were having a ton of fun playing and running in and out of the house!

About 10:30 or so, I left the house to head to the Pottery Festival! I stopped by the ATM to get some cash (I knew I would need some…..). I also planned to pop in at the Farmer’s Market before I went to the festival, but changed my mind. There was no place to park anywhere near Depot Park – they were slammed! As I drove by, there was some music playing (not sure what was going on) and it didn’t look like many farmers set up with their produce. I decided that I would be doing a ton of walking at the festival, so I wasn’t willing to walk a long distance to get to Depot Park and not have a large variety of produce to choose from! I’ll go next weekend!

I got to the Pottery Festival just before 11:00. I wandered through the displays inside the Civic Center on my way to the outside tents and dropped my entry into the box for the $1000 prize drawing! Once outside again, I decided to check out the food first – since I hadn’t eaten any breakfast! I always visit the Jackson Bros booth when I go to the Pottery Festival — I have friends from work who are always behind the counter there! So – I made a bee-line to their booth and had a delicious hamburger, fries and a coke (and greeted my friends in the process)! There were other food vendors, as well — Davison’s Steaks and River Lodge had a booth that smelled wonderful and there were several other booths with carnival type food — all looked amazing!!!

I sat down at the tables to eat and take the time to look around, scope out the situation, and plan my strategy for how to most efficiently visit every single booth in every single tent! You can’t just go at it nilly-willy, you know! If you don’t plan your attack, you’ll surely miss something or have to spend extra time back tracking through sections you already looked through to get to ones you didn’t look through yet — I am all for making the most of my time at these types of events and not missing anything!

When I was done eating and people watching, I began making my way through the booths – scanning over the displays at each and every booth and stopping for a longer, closer look at those that caught my eye! I liked that they put the tent with the tables and chairs in a perfect central location – it made it easy for me to go sit down for a while when I needed to (I have a bad knee and hip and it is hard for me to stand/walk for long periods without a break to keep the pain under control).

I found so many lovely things to look at! I know it is called the Pottery Festival and that Pottery is the focus of the event, but there is soooooooooooooo much more to look at!!! People who don’t go because they don’t particularly enjoy pottery are really missing out on something I am sure they will find enjoyable!!!! In fact – unlike previous years – I only bought one thing that was an actual piece of “pottery”, but I did leave a lot of cash behind, so this year there were other things that reached out and grabbed me (and my pocketbook)!!!

So – what did I buy this year?

  • The one piece of “pottery” I got is an Angel ornament from Lace Pottery in Kernersville, NC ( Maggie Weldon is the artist and she has merged her love of crochet and the world of pottery. Her pieces all look just like crochet doilies – so delicate and beautiful. The piece I selected is a white angel ornament to add to my Christmas Tree ornaments – I collect angels and the theme of my Christmas Tree each year is focused heavily on white angels. If you visit Maggie’s web site and click on the link to Lace Pottery, the angel I purchased is the first item on that page!
  • I also purchased a ceramic item from Fifth Avenue Designs – a shop from right here in Sanford on South Franklin Drive ( I won’t say what I got from them because it is going to be a birthday gift for my sister-in-law and I don’t want her reading this and finding out what she’s getting. It will, unfortunately, arrive late cause I already missed her actual birthday, but as soon as I can get to the UPS Store to get it packed up (they pack MUCH better than I do – it might make it in one piece if I have them do it) and sent out, she’ll get it – better late than never, right???
  • The booth for Pretty Baby Naturals of China Grove, NC ( caught my eye! They had open jars of hand and body creams that I just had to stop and try out! WOW – they made my hands feel wonderful and the smells were amazing!!! They had all kinds of stuff – soaps, lotions, scrubs, masks, etc – all from 100% natural ingredients and all so beautiful – looking and smelling! I got some hand and body creams – a tube of Mango Tango made from a Mango-Berry blend and Mango Butter and a tube of Belly Dancer made from Bay Rum, Oak Moss, Honey Spice, and Cocoa Butter! I’m gonna love them both, I am sure!
  • And, finally, I found a booth I don’t think has been at the festival in years past (unless my strategy for not missing anything didn’t work in those past years)! It was a booth full of homemade breads with trays of samples to check out! Slices of Heaven ( is the name and absolutely accurately describes their products!!!! I had a hard time choosing, but I ended up getting a regular sized loaf of whole wheat sour dough bread, a small loaf of banana nut bread, and a small loaf of chocolate peanut butter fantasy bread — all amazing!

So – that is what I bought this year, but I saw so many other things that I strongly considered and some that I came real close to getting!!! One that I am still thinking of going back today and having a second look at is some yard ornaments – they were made of copper, sit on top of a pole, and spin to show the direction and intensity of the wind! And they were beautiful!!!! I can just see one in my back yard in the corner focal area I have – it is a section on one back corner of my yard that has white stone and my Japanese Weeping Red Maple Tree, along with some other special plants — one of these would really look great there!!!! But, they were rather expensive and I always have to give a ton of thought to anything that I spend more than a few dollars on! I may just have to go back today to get another look – maybe seeing them again will either remind me why they caught my eye and help me decide to get them or show me that, on second thought, one might not be as perfect in that spot as I thought yesterday —- OR —- a second look at the price tag just might convince me that it’s not that great of an idea!!! I can also check to see if they have a web site — maybe they have other styles that I might like better!!!

I had such a good time at the festival and ran into a few people that I haven’t seen in AGES!!!! That was a nice treat!!!

After I spent a couple hours at the Pottery Festival, I went to the movies and saw “Made of Honor” — I’ll post a review later, but I can say that I rather enjoyed this one, which surprised me cause I almost didn’t go thinking it would be one of those “been there, done that” redo of the same old theme!!! But, I was pleasantly surprised by it!

When I got home, I enjoyed playing with the girls and sent an email to my Mom and then IM’d with her for a while………………..and, as I said in the beginning of this post, I went in for a short nap with the girls and didn’t wake up until about 5:30 this morning!!! The girls must have been exhausted from their day of fun, too, cause they never bothered me or tried to get me to get up once — definitely a first!!!!

That was my Saturday — wonder what Sunday has in store for me!!!!????

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