Upcoming Events

The Pottery Festival is this weekend! I love the Pottery Festival and go every year – this year will be no exception! I am always able to get some early Christmas and birthday gifts to stow away for later in the year! And – it comes just in time for Mother’s Day (Mom – that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what you’re getting this year!!! Just a hint for others!!! But, you never know…….). Even if you’re not a fan of pottery — there are other things that make it worth the time: Other vendors, like jewelry, show their stuff – there is always great food there – and it makes for a lovely way to get out and see your neighbors! Hey, maybe I’ll run into and get to meet some of our fellow Sanford bloggers!!!! Go – you won’t regret it – I hope to see you there!!!

Also – don’t forget to take your children to the polls with you on May 6th to participate in Kid’s Voting hosted by Communities In Schools of Lee County in partnership with Lee County Schools and the Sanford Herald!!! It is a great way to expose them to the election process! They don’t have to be just from the public schools, either — home schools, private schools, provisional schools — any children who come can participate!!! We won’t turn any child away — in the last general election, we even had some pre-schoolers participate! If they are able to fill out the ballot, they can participate!! And, we’re doing it again in November for this year’s general election, as well……

The next (and last) show at the Temple for this season is Ain’t Misbehavin’ — it starts on May 29th! Don’t miss it!

We’re gearing up for summer and the events will keep coming!!! Hope to see a ton of you out there enjoying our wonderful city!!!

One Comment on “Upcoming Events

  1. I’d love to go to the pottery festival…maybe I can get the husband to stay home with the kiddos for me so I can *really* enjoy it.

    Tell me about the Kid’s Voting…we’ve already voted, but we’re wanting to instill a sense of civic duty in our 5 year old. It sounds like this would be a good thing to do!

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