Sick Puppy

I woke up this morning just before the alarm went off to the smell of really strong poop!! I opened my eyes and laid there a second or two trying to tell if one or more of the girls had some serious gas or if one of them couldn’t wait until I woke up to let them out — sure enough, I got up, turned the light on, and looked in the bathroom……someone had a bad case of diarrhea last night — and it wasn’t ME!!!! No telling which one – unless I notice that one is acting funny and they weren’t!! So, I let them all out and proceeded to clean it up. Luckily, it was in the bathroom and mostly on the throw rug and the rest on linoleum!! The rug was old and getting pretty badly frayed, so I just rolled it up, put it in a garbage bag and took it out to the can out at the street ready for pick up today!!! Easy!!!! But, man it stunk – super sour!!! Whichever of my poor little babies did it, they must have really felt sick!!!! They must not have had any warning, either, cause it isn’t like them to not wake me up if they have to go out during the night!!!! I’m shocked I didn’t know about it! They usually whine and want to be cuddled when they don’t feel well……..

I let them in, fed them, checked them over, and watched how they acted — they all seemed fine, acting normal, all seemed good……so, I headed to work assuming it was just something she got into that she shouldn’t have!

I got home and opened the door and the smell about knocked me over!!!!! I looked around the living room thinking it had to be close and that Katie was the one who was sick! But found nothing!!! I got in the bedroom where Megan and Amy were (they can’t be trusted in the living room when I’m not home – I wouldn’t have a couch to come home to) and the smell got worse as I got closer!!! When I got there, I found a HORRID sight!!! One of them pooped (or actually I should say exploded) all over the place — what a mess!!!

I let them out and watched to see who looked like they might be having trouble. It was Amy — she pooped almost as soon as she got out and it was all runny!!! I should have guessed because she’s the one with the sensitive stomach and intestinal system!!! I called All Animals, told them what happened, and asked if I could bring her in to find out what was wrong! They asked if there was any blood in it and when it started. I said no blood and it just started last night! So, Dr. Cindy suggested I come get some medicine and special food and if that doesn’t help calm it down, I can bring her in tomorrow. So, I went and got the meds (antibiotics) and some canned, bland prescription food special to control diarrhea —- I’ll try that and see what happens!!!!

Needless to say, I didn’t get to the BPW meeting I was supposed to attend tonight!!! I just shut the bedroom door so I could take care of Amy and get to All Animals before they closed! I got home and began the disgusting process of cleaning up the mess!!! OMG!!! I have an extremely weak stomach!!! No one pukes alone around me!!! But – I got through it! It’s all cleaned up and the saga is over!!

Amy ate a small amount of her special food (not that it was all she wanted – it was all I was told to give her) and took her antibiotic — she seems OK, but really tired! We’ll see how she makes it through the night!

I thought of taking a picture to post on here — but, frankly, it was bad enough that I had to see it!!!! I sure didn’t want to put you all through that!!!! So, I left it at just the sweet one of Amy that is posted above.

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