Movie Review – Baby Mama

I was so looking forward to Baby Mama – I really like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and the previews looked so funny! Well, I’ll start right out by saying that it did NOT live up to the hype!!! I was really quite disappointed in this one!

The story is about a rising executive (Fey) who, at age 37, decides she has missed out on the pleasures of having a baby and begins to go through the process of all the alternatives that are available. She tries in-vitro and is told that the odds she can conceive is a million to one, so she tries adoption and is told that a single woman is likely to have to wait 5+ years. So, she turns to surrogacy. Through a service, she is matched with Amy Poehler, who is a poor white trash girl that you find out is out to scam her. The rest of the movie chronicles their relationship, the things most pregnant people go through, and the “is she or isn’t she” pregnant saga.

What I thought was “off” about this movie was the comedy and character chemistry — the jokes were flat and often not really all that funny. Fey and Poehler’s characters really didn’t have any chemistry and seemed to not belong – I don’t mean that they were from different worlds, that can make for very funny and awkward character mixes that really work – I mean they just didn’t work together, they seemed to just happen to be in the same scenes, but don’t really connect. I didn’t laugh out loud at all and I didn’t hear many others in the audience laugh out loud much – a couple short “ha’s” that were few and far between. I even dozed off at one point!

What I thought was good about this movie was the basic story and the character concepts — the story was really cute and the characters were fun. It would have been MUCH better if they had made the characters work better together (more connected) and if they had focused more on the emotions of the story and less on the poor attempt at slap stick humor. I can see how this could have been a really good movie – it just missed the mark!

The best part of the movie: Greg Kinnear!!! I adore Greg Kinnear and he was his usual great self! His character was the most “real” of all the characters and was very likable.

Sadly, what the movie ended up coming off as was a very long SNL skit — I was engaged in the beginning, lost interest for the middle part, and really enjoyed the ending!

So — I gave the story, Greg Kinnear, and the character concepts the higher points and the comedy and character mismatch the lower points — all averaged out to end up with an “eh, it was OK, but wish I had waited until it came out on cable” reaction, a neutral hand with no thumbs up or down, and a C- rating!!! Not so sure I’d recommend it for a trip to the theater — wait for it to come to cable!

One Comment on “Movie Review – Baby Mama

  1. Thank you, you are the first blogger/truth teller about this movie. I haven’t seen it, but I won’t be seeing it. I saw all I needed to in the trailer. I wish I could like Tina Fey’s work, but I just don’t.

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