Movie Review – Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Before I get into what I thought about his movie, I thought I would talk about an unusual experience I had during the movie. About 15 or 20 minutes into the film, there were some bright flashing lights on the side walls, the projector cut off, and the house lights came up……we could hear a faint beeping and announcement over a PA system out in the hallways (but couldn’t hear what it was saying inside the theater). We decided it must be a fire alarm, so we started out of the theater. When we got in the hallway, we could hear the announcement indicating that there may be a fire, to leave the building in an orderly manner, and don’t return until told to do so. The theater employees were standing at the place where they take your tickets and tell you which theater your movie is showing in. They told us to just stay where we are because it was just some burnt popcorn and everything would be fine and the movies would resume shortly. So, we all went back in and sat down. About 15 or 20 minutes later, the flashing lights stopped and the movie started again right where it left off. The flashing lights were pretty irritating, though — I had to put my hands over my eyes after a while to block it out – I think it was starting to trigger a migraine cause I was starting to get some early warning signs – one girl left cause she was concerned it would trigger a seizure!!! I think covering my eyes when I did helped stop the migraine — the girl came back in and seemed to be fine, too. I had never been in a theater when a fire alarm went off — it was an interesting experience!!!

Now for my opinion of Forgetting Sarah Marshall — I saw it today — it is the story of a composer (Peter) who has been dating a popular TV star (Sarah) for 5 years when she breaks up with him for a younger rock star who isn’t very good and super full of himself! Peter doesn’t take it well and needs to get away from constant reminders of his love of Sarah. So, he decides to take a vacation in Hawaii. When he gets there, he finds out that Sarah and her new boyfriend are also vacationing in Hawaii — in the SAME resort! What are the odds??? ha-ha During his visit, he keeps running into Sarah and her new beau and gets to know the staff and other vacationers – most of which are either really strange or total idiots!!!! He becomes close with Rachael, the girl at the front desk, who seems to be the nicest, most level headed person at the resort — that is, until she runs into her ex-boyfriend and turns into a foul mouthed wild woman!!!!

The story is cute and most of the scenes are funny — but, all the bazaar characters and the fact that everyone has sex like rabbits gets in the way of the story. It would have been much better if they left more to the imagination and focused more on the awkward situation of them all being in the same resort. Instead, a lot of the story got lost in translation and the jokes often fell flat. I also thought the nudity was a little much — I am not a prude, by any means, but I didn’t think it was necessary to have several full frontal shots of Peter in all his glory – and I’m not talking quick flash shots, either……..

I don’t think it was a total loss and I did find it to be funny, for the most part — but, I would have been happier if I had waiting until it came out on cable and I didn’t have to pay for it. I give it a neutral rating of C+ and only recommend it for those of you who like that bazaar brand of humor and I DON’T recommend it for young children without their parents seeing it first to decide if they want them to see it or not.

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