Temple Tuesday

WOW — WOW — WOW — WOW — WOW!!!! If you read my earlier post about Peggy, Rosie, and Us at the Temple Theater, you know that I was really excited about it! Well, it did not disappoint me — in fact, I seriously doubt any one of the large crowd that attended were disappointed!! Rachael and Wendy had the entire audience tapping, clapping, and bopping along with their superb renditions of the songs made famous by the late, great Peggy Lee and Rosemary Clooney.

We’ve seen Rachael and Wendy in shows at the Temple before – we know they can sing – man, can they sing! But, last night showcased them in a way that absolutely blew me away! They were fabulous!! There were only a couple songs that I didn’t recognize — the rest were all so familiar and enjoyable! I loved every minute of it……. the only negative comment I have is that it was a limited engagement and only one show — I would have liked to see that one again!!!

Next up at the Temple: Godspell – April 10 thru April 26 – I’ve already got my ticket!!!!

Then, the last show of the season: Ain’t Misbehavin’ – May 29 thru June 22

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