Movie Review – 21

I went to see 21 this afternoon at the Spring Lane Cinemas here in Sanford. This is the story of a group of college students at MIT who work together as a team to count cards in Vegas. They are led by one of the professors at MIT, played by Kevin Spacey. The team consists of three guys and two girls – one of which – Ben – joins the team after one of the original members moves on. Ben is a math wiz who has been accepted at Harvard Medical School and the only thing that could possibly stand in his way is not having the $300,000 tuition! He applied for a special scholarship, but was one of 75 or more applicants and only one is granted each year. The advisor for the scholarship pretty much told him that he had an impressive application, but didn’t have anything that made him “stand out”. So – figuring his chances were slim to none, he joins this group to “earn” the money to pay his own tuition. The story chronicles his training and the team’s exploits in Vegas. They start out being very successful, but things start to fall apart and the drama begins —- they get the attention of a Loss Prevention Investigator played by Laurence Fishburne who uses mob-type tactics to ensure they don’t continue counting cards in the casino he is employed to protect.

The movie is good — interesting and exciting in a fun way with just enough danger and drama — I really liked the ending, too! It wasn’t perfect, though — I would have liked to have known more about the characters and what got them together (other than Ben, we really don’t know anything about any of them and not really all that much about Ben). I realize they have to tell an entire story in just 2 hours or less, but this one did need some more background info to help it along. I understand it is based on a true story and a book. I didn’t read the book or hear anything about the real story, but, I’ll venture to guess that those who have might be a little disappointed in the movie.

Will this get added to my video/DVD collection? Probably not!
Was I sorry I spent the money on it?
No – it was definitely worth the $$!
Did I enjoy it?
Yes – all in all, it was a good movie and I would recommend it!

Rating – One thumb up or a B”

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