All The Dogs I Have Loved – Buffy

The next dog I want to highlight in this series is: BUFFY! Her full name was Miss Buffington. She was a mini-toy (miniature size mixed with a toy size) Apricot Poodle. I had Buffy in my teenage and into my early adult years. She was so pretty — fluffy, soft, cuddly, and adorable!! Because she was a mini-toy, she was much smaller than usual miniature poodles, but not so small that she was tiny – like a toy would be.

Buffy would trot along trying to keep up with me with her short little legs to follow me everywhere I went. My brother and boyfriends would get a big kick out of pretending they were going to hit me so that they could watch her try to attack them!!! She would curl up her upper lip to show her teeth and growl to warn them off – when that wouldn’t work, she would lunge at them to try and eat them up! Of course, she was so small that it was just funny and not really all that menacing!! But — I just bet that if they were really trying to hit me and didn’t laugh when she tried to protect me, that she could undoubtedly put a real solid hurt on them!!!!

I remember many long, warm summer days laying out on a blanket in the back yard and Buffy laying there beside me, soaking up the sun and enjoying being near me! Quite often, I would be playing records with my girlfriends and we’d be singing and dancing along — well, Buffy would love to get into the action and get all excited to dance around with us – hopping around and jumping at us! I would pick her up and hold her while I was dancing and she’d just lick at my face to thank me for the dance! She enjoyed doing whatever I was doing…….

Buffy lived a long, pampered life. She was probably about 17 or so when she died peacefully of cancer. She had tumors in her belly that were not really bothering her, so the vet advised we just ignore them and not put her through surgery at her age. She lives several years with them. Then, one night she went to sleep and didn’t wake up. I mourned her deeply and still think fondly of her now and then.

I used to write some pretty corny poetry — here are two that I wrote about Buffy:

Miss Buffington

Little Buffy is so playful and funny.
She dances and prances and hops like a bunny.
She runs outside and chases butterflies.
And she has soft and big brown eyes.
She’s my doggie and mine alone.
And she loves me, me and me alone.

My Dawg

I love my puppy.
Her name is Buffy.
She loves to play
and run all day.
She has long soft ears
and barks at mirrors.
Her fur is really, really curly
and she licks me out of bed early.
I love my puppy.
Her name is Buffy.

So – that is Buffy — my long time best friend!

One Comment on “All The Dogs I Have Loved – Buffy

  1. Aw… I’ve wanted an apricot toy poodle for a while… Poodles make the best dogs, in my opinion!

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