All The Dogs I Have Loved – Mimi

I didn’t forget about the series I started a couple Sunday’s ago – I’ve just been busy and haven’t given it as much thought as I had planned…..

So – here is the next in the series: MIMI

Mimi’s full registered name was Jacques Mimi IV. She was a miniature silver poodle and was my best friend in my grammar school years. I adored her and would sing The Beatles’ Michelle to her all the time. I also sang other songs to her and pretended to speak French with her! ha-ha
Mimi was famous, too — she was in the Buffalo newspaper for giving birth to SIX puppies in one litter – very unusual for her breed and size!!!! One of her puppies was much larger than all the others – he was a large, fat, ball of little boy!!! And a real hell-raiser! We called him Bimbo!!! One day, Bimbo chewed on an electrical cord that ran behind a chair – it was plugged in and gave him quite a shock! Poor little guy!!!! All of Mimi’s puppies were sold and it was the only litter she ever had.
Mimi was such a sweet girl and definitely high on the list of All The Dogs I Have Loved!!!!

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