100th Post

WOW – when I posted my very first entry on this blog on August 12th, I didn’t think I would have a lot to say or anything that would be of any interest to anyone other than me and maybe a few family members or close friends ——— but look at this – as of today (Jan 2nd), I have posted 100 entries! And I have several regular readers and get new visitors from time to time! I even added a counter a couple weeks ago and have already logged in 33 visits (new and returning) – so someone is finding my thoughts interesting! 😉 This has turned into something I really enjoy and I’m happy to mark the milestone of 100 posts!!!! YAY……

So – now for the thoughts I planned to post before I logged on and noticed that this was my 100th post:

Something occurred to me last night – you know how some people have some highly overused words or phrases – you know, something they tend to say over and over, like a broken record? Well, I have a handful of phrases that I found my self saying and repeating – almost without even a conscious thought made to generate them………like I’m on autopilot and they just come out!!! Here they are:

  • Megan, no
  • Megan, stop
  • Megan, down
  • Megan, get out of there
  • Megan, leave that alone
  • Megan, what are you into

LOL – you gotta love my Megan-stein!!!!

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