Saturday Morning Ramblings

Here are my random thoughts for this morning:

  • First let me say that I am truly thankful for the rain and am in no way complaining about it — BUT — this morning we are experiencing a break with no rain and it is the first time in a few days that the girls could get outside for more than a few minutes to do their duty!!! They have been running and playing and spending all that pent up energy that they have been trying to burn off in the house!!! This has been seriously compromising my sanity!!!! ha-ha It’s good that they could get out and have some fun for a while this morning!
  • I was up fairly late last night and tried to sleep in this morning – the girls had to go out at their usual time, so we did that part and then I tried to get them to go back to bed for a while……………..I was only partially successful!!! They curled up for a few minutes, but then decided it was play time and that I had to be included!!!! I pulled the covers and pillow up over my head, but it didn’t keep them from trying to dig their way to me!!!! Finally, Megan did her favorite trick and reached up and turned on the light and ceiling fan and all three bounced around all over the bed barking and growling and having a grand old time!!! I gave in and got up!!!
  • Only EIGHT (8) more shopping weekends until Christmas!!!! I thought I was being good and started a couple weeks ago, but haven’t done any more since!!! Uugghh – I gotta get busy!!!
  • Amy lost her tags – name tag and rabies tag – must have gotten pulled off during a rough-house session! I’ll have to get All Animals to print me a new rabies tag and get a new name tag. She’s micro-chipped, but if someone finds her, but doesn’t take her to a shelter or vet and ID her as “lost”, the name tag may be all that tells them where she belongs!
  • Speaking of lost dogs — someone put a flier in my mail box yesterday about two Jack Russells that ran away from home on Thursday — I sure hope they find their way home or are found by someone who will treat them well and help them get home!!!

That’s all that is on my mind at the moment!

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