Happy Tails To You….

When I began to wake up on this cool Saturday morning, I tried, as usual, not to open my eyes so that the girls wouldn’t know it was time for kisses and breakfast. I pulled the blankets up over my shoulders up to my chin reacting to the cool temperature. But, it didn’t help – there was a strong cold wind blowing on my face!!! I reluctantly opened my eyes to find out if the ceiling fan was on (Megan has learned to reach up and hit the switches and seems to get major enjoyment out of seeing the lights or fans come on……little monster – ha-ha) and found that the wind that was chilling my face and blowing my hair around wasn’t coming from the ceiling fan — no, it was coming from all three of my lovely girls standing on the end of the bed, side by side, with their backsides pointing towards me and every one of them wagging their tails with total excitement and happiness! So – it was “happy tails”, not a ceiling fan that woke me with a chilling effect!!! I laid there a minute watching them and then said “hey, turn off the air conditioning, it’s cold in here….”! They simultaneously turned around and began their morning attack of “good morning, Mommie; I love you, Mommie; Now go fix us some breakfast and let us outside, Mommie!!” Aahh, the joys of adoring pets!!! ha-ha

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